g33kWatch Podcast – Illegal Cable Boxes, Jedi, and other Marathon Craziness

Happy Mass Effectimas!  It’s the beginning of the holiday season but it’s the end of our specific brand of marathon season.  We have survived the event that was Mass Effect Marathon 2 and while we are scarred somewhat, we raised over $20,600 for Child’s Play Charity and holy crap that is a lot of money.  We had an absolutely great time and we have to thank all of our fans and viewers for helping us out.  It was for the children!  =)

Now that we are done with that though, it is back to business as usual.  So we recorded a Podcast for you, and we got onto many different tangents.  We talk about the history of illegal cable boxes, how as children we almost fell for those commercials that tried to catch us being illegal, the timing of soft-core porn on Skinemax, and much more.  That’s in the first 15 minutes too, so you can guess that we get even crazier after that.

We also talk about our impressions of Star Wars The Old Republic, crazy ideas that we may do before Mass Effect Marathon 3, how much time and effort we put into Scavenger Hunt lists back in the day, and we answer your questions.  Not like yours but more like the fans.  You get the point.  Enjoy the Podcast!  Or not.  Whatever.  Why am I still talking to you?  =P


Mass Effect Marathon 2 | After the QWOP Livecast
Friday, December 9th, 8 PM ET

Ask questions live with all of your favorite people from MEM2.  Get their thoughts on what happened, what they liked, what needs to change, and if they are still friends or not after everything!


Show Notes

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. NO MIDNIGHT MEETINGS AT THE STONE LIVING ROOM! Damned kids, get out of my park! 😛

    I’m surprisingly stoked for SWTOR, even though I know close to squat about Star Wars and MMOs. As long as I get to shoot things, I’m happy.

  2. Money – I can BUY your integrity.

    It is never tiresome playing as Batman, never-ever. Stringing up bad guys, swinging to another spot and then Bataranging the rope just as someone walks underneath to KO both.

    Also, don’t forget that, because I am so amazingly rad and just the embodiment of giving, I am delaying my birthday for PAX East. That’s right, next year no longer March, I am moving it to April. DONE. #dropskeyboard

  3. Atomic Comics was my favorite store. They were sponsors, and a huge presence, for Phoenix Comic Con. I visited them for years. I’ve actually gone out to dinner and events with a few of the employees and managers. When the company went under … NGL. I wept.

    Samurai Comics has been a very solid company. They have picked up some of the slack from Atomic’s closure. They’re really knowledgeable and friendly, but they never have my comics! LOL I actually just went in on Wednesday to pick up a copy of Uncharted #1 and the gentleman behind the counter was baffled. “Those sold out when they hit the shelf. We didn’t know what it was; we only ordered 5 copies per store. What *is* this comic?!”

    So, I’m looking for Uncharted #1 with the Adam Hughes variant cover. It looks like Midtown has it in stock for $10.50. I’m tempted! Forbidden Planet has the comic listed for $2.99 but doesn’t have an option for which cover. :\

    Meltdown Comics appears to be http://www.meltcomics.com but the site isn’t connecting ATM.

    That being said, I keep eyeing up a Kindle Fire because … yes. But I also love collecting the artwork. So. GEEK DILEMMA.

    My favorite part of the MEM2 was Shuppet and Joppet. Sorry. I’m biased. Dan’s Bastion narration was pretty solid, though. And the live action George Washington. :3

    I proposed Mass Effect Puppet Theater. Joey said that it had been discussed for MEM1.

    The chat room pulled in Seth Green on Twitter. Drakmarth got Felicia Day and Mark Meer. I got Raphael Sbarge and Steve Blum. I believe Reborn grabbed Insert Coin Tees. And, of course, AFK Tavern was pretty awesome all weekend.

    Terry and I joined a gym last January. We’ve been attending on a weekly basis since January. So. We’re almost at our one-year work-out anniversary.

    Terry has lost … I believe 40 lbs. I have lost … 0 lbs. Woo. Sometimes I feel like that hamster that runs on the wheel all day, eats carrot sticks, drinks from a licky bottle and still looks like a tiny ball of fuzz.

    My goal is to look amazing dressed as Mara Jade and/or Catwoman. Stretch vinyl demands a non-couch potato body. THE LENGTHS I GO TO FOR MY FANDOMS.

  4. Did I say that Virus? I know that you came up with puppet theatre. You are the woman behind the best idea ever. You essentially set the marathon on fire with the best idea this year. You are the best, thanks so much =)

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure you mentioned it. I remember suggesting it and everyone being really excited because, as I understood it, it was something that had been bounced around and no one thought it would be nearly as funny to anyone outside the room. I got the impression I was merely validating something that had been in the works before. 🙂

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