g33kWatch Podcast – Heatwave or We Had a Lot To Say

Many times during our little Podcast experiments have we tried to stay on topic and keep to a, what we deem, reasonable broadcast length.  Sometimes though we get a little over zealous and very excited about the topics that we are discussing.  This week, it must have had something to do with the heat because we came into our planning session with not that much on our plate, and then ended up with one of the longest Podcasts in our small existence.  There is a lot of great information in this week’s episode so you should listen in until the end.  There’s also a test at the end so if you comment below and don’t answer our test question, we’ll know you didn’t listen to all of it and we’ll be really disappointed.  =P

We start by talking a lot about food.  I don’t know why, and I have no idea how we got onto the topic, but there we were talking about it. We also have some discussion on Joey V going to a local tournament that actually is quite known for having some high level players at it. What will his results be? Probably not so good, but I have been working very hard and training so hopefully I won’t completely embarrass myself!

We also talk about Casual Games, how Katie loves Farm Frenzy, and the ludicrous nature of that entire video game premise. Seriously it’s an insane game, but I feel like everyone should play it at least once in their lifetimes. Casual Games like this take a whole set of skills that many people don’t have and to watch Katie play some of these games is sometimes hypnotizing. I try and do the same thing and the results are less than stellar.

Want to play Farm Frenzy? Go Here.

Major topics this week include the fighting game renaissance that we are entering right now and how g33kWatch plans on holding opening tournaments online for them as they are released. You know, to have some fun. Also talk about teaser trailers for Amazing Spider Man, Dark Knight Rises and what those franchises mean for new intellectual properties trying to get made as movies. Oh yeah, and our getting to know the g33kWatch staff discussion of the night closes us out and we talk about our absolute favorite video games of ALL TIME.

Jam packed show that is long and super fun, we hope you enjoy!


Show Notes

  • Want to know more about the fabled New Jersey Grease Trucks? Check Wikipedia!
  • If you want to watch the live stream of the Fighting Game tournament that Joey V is going to, and see if he ends up on stream or if you just want to see some of his competition, 8 Way Run has you covered. Watch it live, or watch the recorded archives!
  • The actual venue for the Fighting Game is Local Battles and it’s pretty sweet venue.
  • Huge thanks out to Soah and Virusq for giving us updates from San Diego Comic Con. Follow their Twitter accounts so you can get the latest.
  • Here’s a picture of Soah with the Bioware marketing director dressed up as Wrex. The Wrex costume is of course made by the fine people over at CrabCat Industries
  • Seriously … Go Play BASTION!
  • Fighting Game Tournaments are coming! We will hold tournaments on XBOX 360 (probably) and will potentially live stream the competition. So yeah get prepared for that and wait for more details.
  • New Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game is coming, along with new Street Fighter X Tekken Characters.
  • Oh yeah, and the next DLC fighter for Mortal Kombat will haunt your dreams!

  • New Spider Man reboot trailer can be found below. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t already see this movie a few years ago.

  • Oh yeah, and Batman Trailer!

  • Our favorite games that were mentioned were …
    • Yogi – Gun-Nac
    • Mr. Khon – Ocarina of Time / Chrono Trigger
    • Joey V – Myth II: Soulblighter
    • Katie V – Final Fantasy X

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. Oh guys, I forgot to tell you but Wrex’s eye’s actualy blinked. :O I don’t know if they were on a timer, or if they blinked with the David but it was badass.

  2. Also, I was only able to get inside the convention center for one day. I had said sunday, but my aunt was like You can go today or sunday. I really did try to find the Back to the Future box, but I couldn’t find the booth that sold it, I also never saw someone walking around with one either.

  3. It’s all good buddy, we are just glad that you had a good time. Your pictures are uber cool =)

  4. Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were going to link to Farm Frenzy!

  5. Just FYI, the game is Gun-Nac 😛 also, made by ASCII, not Namco as i mentioned.

  6. Hay guys. I got one with Garrus. Total nerd boner. Posted on Twitter.

  7. Oh BTW gratz to Virus on winning “Best Weapon” In the costume contest. 😛

  8. Also. GIVING OUT FLYERS AT SDCC IS SO HARD! Why? Because of the people handing out crap no one cares about. :<

  9. Also x 2 Time Splitters Future Perfect = Game of the Forever.

  10. I’ve only been able to listen to the first part of the podcast, for some reason it cut off after 13 minutes 25 seconds. I had this problem listening through the page or downloading and after clearing my cache and retrying I can only get the first 5 minutes.

  11. The bungie guys work a few blocks from where I work in downtown Bellevue. While they were with Microsoft they had a building I have heard described as a hanger that was located in Kirkland. So far as I know they never actually worked in Redmond though.

  12. Also my favorite game of all time, hmmmm. Hard question. Do I go with the game I have put the most hours into or the game I have the strongest memories of? I guess I’m going to pick Oregon Trail because I played so much of that in school on those old green screen apple II. I will never forget that game. “Laura has dysentery. Laura has died.”

  13. I have always been a Sonic fan, you Americanas had Mario, but over here in England Genesis was on equal footing during the console wars and Sonic? Sonic was my spirit guide.

    Turn back the clock to 1994: I’m eight going on nine when Sonic 3 is released in the UK and it was a revolution for me. The first thing I remember is the Save feature that wasn’t being used that often back in the day for games of this ilk. In other games you would:

    + Play a game from start to finish with only a pause to break up your playtime or not at all (like Sonic 1).

    + Use codes give out by the game that you had to write down and re-use later

    + Hope some magazine would post the secret codes to access the level select (Sonic 2 – Sound Select, play sounds 19, 65, 9, 17, then push C, press start, when Sonic appears hold A and press start – this is as ingrained as Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start)

    But now, now I could not only save my game, I could keep my score and my emeralds!

    Then there was the game, which follows right off the bat from Sonic 2 and the destruction of the Death Egg, so the fact that they held some continuity to that was beautiful in an age of game sequels being ‘That thing that happened last time? Yeah its happening again. Save the world!’ being known as the ‘well throught-out plot’. So I fell in love with Sonic 3..until October 1994 when Sonic & Knuckles came out and I learned that Sonic 3 was merely part 1 of a game that had to be finished to reach its deadline.

    Now that isn’t a smack in the mouth to Sonic 3, it had 11 Acts with the 12th being mainly short runs going directly into boss battles with Robotnik a’la Sonic 2, which I always feel is a great way to end a game, no messing around, just you, your giant boss and 6 rings to survive. That’s not counting the special stages.for the Emeralds.

    So in October I find that my new Sonic & Knuckles connects with my Sonic 3 and I can play a continuous game of the 12 Acts of Sonic 3, the 13 Acts of Sonic’s adventure for S&K and the 10 Acts of Knuckles’ journey.

    35 Acts of a story, an actual story told purely with animation of characters, with no words or bad voice-acting they told me the story of Knuckles, who keeps fighting you because he has been lied to by Robotnik, who himself has stolen the Master Emerald from the island to re-power the Death Egg and then the redemption of Knuckles who is out to find the Master Emerald again after the Death Egg is damaged again and Sonic’s battle to stop Robotnik whilst fighting off a guy who should be his ally. All wonderfully done with a great soundtrack that I love hearing again and still whistle/hum/sing the Invincibility theme song for, beautiful backgrounds and unique levels..I just.

    I was going to argue about how Metal Gear Solid stole me as favourite game for its great action, wonderful story and well done voice acting or how Final Fantasy VII was my very first RPG, that inspired me to write and create interesting characters and played it seven goddam times because I just loved every thing about it.

    But really as much as I love those games, and as much as I love Mass Effect series and as much as I had planned whilst listening to the podcast to talk about those other game series and argue why they are my favourites too. I think that a game I first played 17 years ago can still be so vividly remembered, fondly regarded without rose-tinted glasses and passionately talked about..well, I guess I found my favourite game.

  14. I’ve got to say Sonic 3 is a great choice. The first game I ever owned was Sonic 1 when I was given a Sega Game Gear at age 4. It was my introduction to gaming and I spent whole summers racing through sonic games with my friend trying to see who could finish the game in the quickest time or with the most points.

    If I have to pick one game as my favourite though I’d have to say Skies of Arcadia Legends on the Gamecube. I have sunk more hours into that game than any other I ever owned and had more playthroughs than I’d care to count. Something about the just keeps dragging me back for one more playthrough. If you’ve never had the chance to play this game and have a working dreamcast or gamecube then go buy this game right now…

    Dont even finish reading this comment, just go find a copy of this game

    Skies of Arcadia follows the air pirate Vyse as he sets out to explore the world and there are some great characters you’ll meet as you explore the world. The world of Arcadia is huge and there is a lot to discover for anyone that likes to be thorough in their RPG playthroughs. The game was originally released on the Dreamcast as Skies of Arcadia and the Legends port to the Gamecube added more quests, more discoveries, a new ultimate weapon and a challenging secret boss to the game. One thing unique to the dreamcast version was “Pintas Quest” which was a mini RPG that could be played on the Dreamcast VMU while away from the console and any experience, items and gold could be brought into your main game inventory.

    There are a lot of games I love but Skies of Arcadia will always have a place on my game shelf ready for the next time I feel the need to revisit it.

  15. I liked Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast, that was a solid choice.

    My other favourite Gamecube game was Tales of Symphonia, every aspect of that game was brought together from the VO to the engaging characters, a well throught story, beautiful design and a good fighting system. JRPGs sometimes go too far into ridiculous level on humour but for ToS it was unoffensive and the ‘group skits’ where character relationships were played out on a deeper level were both funny and gave some nice insight to the characters, especially when they didn’t just throw something out there without calling back to it at a later point in the game.

    I could pick a game for probably every system if I wanted to.

  16. Tales of Symphonia was a great game too, I’ve been replaying it recently and I’ll probably play more when my friend visits and takes over my 360 to play Borderlands or Final Fantasy XIII. My only issue with the game was that it occasionally caused my 3rd party memory card to become corrupted so I have to remember to put any saves on one of my official ones.

  17. I took notes on my hand so I could comment on the podcast once I got home, but I kind of sweated them off… All I can make out is “fake Mr. Khon = confused cat” and something about taylor ham, egg & cheese. Yay Jersey!

    I can narrow my favorite games list down to maybe six… Tetris, because it was the first game I was really good at and could beat my friends. Starcraft and/or Goldeneye, if only for the ridiculous time I spent playing them in college, an the shenanigans that ensued. Also, I have to throw in Indigo Prophecy, which was the first game I played with dialogue options and branching storylines, and that was truly an immersive experience. It wasn’t totally polished, but it was still an amazing game from Quantic Dream, who tweaked the Indigo Prophecy model with Heavy Rain. Now if they can just work on the voice acting…

    And then there’s Mass Effect, which I know seems a little bit obvious, but for story and for playtime, it’s pretty much at the top of the my charts. It’s the reason I bought a 360, like, the day after I saw a commercial for it in the movie theater, and it didn’t disappoint.

    I am a neurotic saver, and I KNOW there was a reason, but for the life of me, it’s not coming to me, but I had about 250 Fallout 3 saves if that’s any indication.

    I don’t know what you guys are gonna do at NYCC, but I’m going to be there, so you’re going to have to hire some dude to pretend to be Mr. Khon. 😛

  18. Also, I think I’m going to have to send you guys some literature on bear safety. Bears do not like to be clicked multiple times. Or even once. And regardless of whether or not you’ve clicked them, they definitely don’t like to be placed in wooden boxes, and realistically, that’s not the best capture and/or transport device anyway. YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY!

  19. Would the bear be more cooperative if I offered it a picnic basket before poking it a bunch of times and stuffing it into a wooden box?

    As far as neurotic saving goes I only really do it in jrpgs where you need every one of 100+ secret items to unlock a good ending or ultimate weapon some of which are only available within a certain time-limit/quest/storyline/stupidly-hard-to-enter-secret-dungeon-full-of-stuff-that-instant-kills-you/etc I enjoy playing them but when you get 80 hours into a game and realise you missed a certain item two towns ago that you can’t get back to and have to start from scratch… Well you don’t make that mistake so easily the next time

    I used to save at every oppourtunity in games when I first stated playing but I had a lot of games and only a few low capacity memory cards back in the day so I had to cut down. I often had only a single save slot that I’d just write over though Skies of Arcadia has 2 dedicated memory cards with saves at key points so I could replay some good fights and scenes.

    Now that we’ve got huge hard drives on the current consoles I’ve started to save more than I used to since I dont have to worry about how many memory blocks I have. Before my original hard drive went up in smoke I had rather a lot of Mass Effect saves in it so I could go back and change certain decisions across ME1 before ME2 came out to get the perfect shepard. With the third game approaching I might have to revisit both games and make the character I think will be best suited.

  20. If by “cooperative,” you mean, “likely to maul you in the face,” then I’d go with probably. 😛

  21. I want to see something like “Beyond Farm Frenzy: A Bear’s Tale”, told by a broken english East Siberian brown bear called ĭog

    “For days ĭog travel when put in wood box. When do ĭog see daylight again?”

    “ĭog tired, released from box, but tired. Man pokes ĭog with stick, do not move. Man hits ĭog with stick. Then I move.”

    “Men scared of ĭog now, they soft, squishie. ĭog never tasted this before. Taste good.”

    “ĭog free other animals, they follow ĭog now. ĭog tell them ‘Go north’ ĭog tell them ‘Take farm’.”

  22. I love that the bears in Farm Frenzy has set off such a huge argument here on the comments. Also thanks to everyone for making this our most comments ever!

    I love hearing about other people’s favorite games. I think when the question comes up each person has a different reaction. The game they think is #1, isn’t always what you finally determine sometimes.

    For me I was surprised just how far Mass Effect 1 had jumped up on my list, currently #2 behind Myth 2: Soulblighter. Pretty cool stuff I must say.

  23. As an Ork player in Warhammer 40k when I say “cooperative” I almost always mean “likely to maul you in the face”

    Vive la Bearlution! *Is mauled by a dozen bears angry from being poked repeatedly*

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