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We are extremely happy and excited about the switch over to our new site name, g33kWatch.  The opportunity to talk about and cover the hobbies that I partake in personally is one of the greatest things I could possibly imagine.]

It was with that in mind that myself and Pedro went to work with our first podcast of what will be many more.  We added two new sections to the podcast that will be regular routines.

The first thing we have added is something we like to call G33K Talk.  It is something very simple where we talk about the geeky things we have been doing for the past week, and what we plan to do for the upcoming week.  Nothing revolutionary, but definitely something that can be listened to, so that you can learn more about different hobbies in the community.

The other thing that we have added, is something we like to call G33K of the W33K.  We will be doing this every week, as the title may suggest.  We will alternate between web updates, and podcast updates.  For the first G33K of the W33K, we decided to go with a podcast mention first.  We also decided that if we were going to talk about a geek that is of vast importance to the community at large.  It is a man who has given the inaugural keynotes for both PAX Prime and PAX East.  Because of that, we felt it only proper he be the inaugural G33K of the W33K.

Ladies and Gentleman, I speak of the man, the myth, the Wheaton.  Wil Wheaton, our very first G33K of the W33K.

Listen in to our podcast where we talk about why we believe he is deserving of this.  In addition, I am offering you a great additional bonus!  I also have available Wil’s entire PAX East keynote speech in MP3 format.  Listen to both, and get a greater appreciation for the great man.  =)

If you want more Wheaton, follow Wil on Twitter via his screen name @wilw.

g33kWatch Podcast
[audio:http://www.g33kwatch.com/podcast/geekwatch.mp3|titles=g33kWatch Podcast – Fresh Start]
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Wil Wheaton PAX East Keynote
[audio:http://www.g33kwatch.com/podcast/wil-wheaton.mp3|titles=Wil Wheaton PAX East Keynote]
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