g33kWatch Podcast – Everyone Talks About Charlie Sheen … Even Us

Yup, we are going to give you our thoughts on Charlie Sheen.  Why?  Because this train wreck that is his life has just become so crazy that even us g33ks and m33ks have to take notice about what is happening.  Overall?  We like Charlie Sheen but the down turn that he quite possible will take will be epic and sad so be prepared people!  Be sure to listen until the end of the podcast so you can hear all about it.

Other than the craziness that is Charlie Sheen though, we find time to talk about a lot of different topics.  We rip apart the Oscars, along with giving our thoughts on what is going on with the current state of the movie industry.

Afterwards we go over our planned schedule with PAX East and Zenkaikon, both of which you should be going to.  Especially Zenkaikon where we will be presenting 4 awesome panels of awesomeness.  We also talk about the great strides we’ve made in terms of the 24-Hour Slumber Party.  We’re up to $170 donated to Child’s Play Charity, so as far as I’m concerned, we are already a success so thanks a lot!  Let’s keep up the momentum and get us to $2,000 donated.

Also someone should donate in Ali and Laura’s name.  They are the only girls who haven’t gotten sponsored yet.  Help them out, they are super cute!

Reminder that for PAX East, we would love to meet up with you!  Meet us on Friday at 3 PM ET at the following location.  =)

In addition to all this great information, we also review the terrible new movie Beastly, that Mr. Khon and Lily Stitches saw for a promotional screening.  It was terrible, not really in a funny way either.  Listen to the review but we would suggest you wait until Netflix Instant Queue.

After that we have some updates on Superman, and Batman as we tend to do.  Lots of movie stuff this week, but next week we will be inundated with gaming news so prepare!

Show Notes

  • Charlie Sheen’s awesome Winning Tiger Blood Picture that Mr. K mentions.
  • It’s true that I have never played Dance Central before.  I’m going to look ludicrous and I will record it and put it on the website.

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. “Also someone should donate in Ali and Laura’s name. They are the only girls who haven’t gotten sponsored yet. Help them out, they are super cute!”
    Consider it done good sir. You now have $200 raised so far 🙂

  2. Beastly was indeed horrendous. And I was literally mesmerized while embracing the suck. And I’m like 90% sure he was high at the oscars.

  3. I just have to say that that photo of Charlie Sheen is clearly showing the early signs of changing physically into Lord Voldemort.

  4. I much prefer the Viggo Mortensen Zod rumors to DDL.

  5. Thanks Reborn!! I love the look of that leaderboard DOMINATED by the ladies! AND this means we get to see EPIC SEAN!

  6. Helen Mirren = Chakwas? Just saying…

  7. … How have I not put THAT together in terms of perfect casting?

  8. Holy late to noticing Batman, I just realized you could download these. That just made my life 100000000.573 X’s easier

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