g33kWatch Podcast – Duke Nukem, Madden, Comics, Magic and even Love!

We are creatures of habit here at g33kWatch.  We like talking about Superheroes, Mass Effect, and of course Duke Nukem.  So when it came out this past week that Gearbox has been working on a new Duke Nukem game, and that we can expect details pretty soon, we all got to thinking just how we can make a Duke game work in this current time and place.  Some people liked the new game, and that’s good for them,because the rest of the world was just going on and on about how much it sucked.

No matter how you felt about it though, I think we can agree that Duke is a product of a much different time period.  Something has to be done so that he is just a bit more modern, or at least acknowledges that.

We come up with some ideas on how that may come to pass.  Perhaps you will enjoy that.

We also get a special report in from Mr. Khon on the new DC Comics reboot and how that universe is going.  Sounds interesting at least from the onset and that’s a good thing for DC as a whole.  Our own MC Chops discusses the latest entry in a little video game franchise called Madden, and We all get hot and bothered about Gizmodo’s geeky relationship bait article.  Then we of course talk about what kind of bait articles that we would write here at the site and potentially get a new idea on a piece of content.

No matter what you are looking for, we have a smattering of great content for you so listen and leave lots of comments!


Show Notes

  • Speaking of Madden, Football season starts next week.  All of you g33kBowl players get ready!
  • Our g33k BookClub choice for the month of September is World War Z by Max Brooks.  Go check it out, read it, and send us questions in for our next BookCast that will be the first week of October.
  • Mass Effect Marathon 2 is coming in just 2.5 months so everyone get excited!  We have new Donation Levels up on the site, and we are planning a Podcast just dedicated to the event so that you can find out about all of the new awesome stuff we have planned.
  • Want to get a better sense of what Randy “Pitchfork” Pitchford said exactly in terms of Duke Nukem development?  These fine fellows have the scoop.
  • If the DC New 52 Reboot sounds interesting, here is the full release schedule.
  • To read the full article about a Gizmodo intern dumping on Magic Chamption Jon Finkel, go here.
  • To read Finkel’s reaction, go here!
  • When I said Gabe Newell played 800,000 hours of DOTA 2 or whatever astronomical number, I obviously exaggerated.  800 Hours is still a lot.

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  1. Reading up on Jon Finkel just from the doobliedoo, wow, what a shitty article. I’ve yet to read the response by Finkel, but that article seems fine until she starts striking out on a guy that does a tourney and wins cash money. Sure it’s not CEO of Cheese, but it means more free time to have fondu.


  2. To be perfectly honest, being that hardcore a Magic:The Gathering player MIGHT be a dealbreaker for me, but I kind of have a history… I had a tragic string of incidents in high school of people bailing on plans with me to play it. It’s not really a self-esteem booster to be less important than cards. I used to dabble in college because most of my friends played, and when they got a a game going, it was pretty much play with them or go do homework… so I chose to play, but I never really enjoyed it all that much. And that was back before the game got supremely complicated. I won’t begrudge a guy his hobby or pastime or whatever, but Magic hits a little close to home.

    Regardless, I’d give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He’s good looking, has a good job, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. And I’d totally see that Dahmer play! At the very least, I wouldn’t write a douche-y article calling him out on not fully disclosing his geekdom, or whatever. That’s just ridiculous. How many things did she not disclose? I’m sure she didn’t lead with the fact that she’s a bitch.

  3. It is actually things like that that cause me to not mention that I play magic seriously until we’ve been dating at least a few months. Not that I am anywhere near the level of player as Finkle but I do regularly attend competitive events. But to be honest if the girl is not even willing to except the fact I wouldn’t want to date her anyway. (no matter how attractive).

    Not that this matters much now since my current GF plays MTG with me so WIN!

  4. I just had no idea that Magic had such a weird stigma with it. I’ve gotten really lucky with Katie having no issues with my nerdy crap. I mean there are somethings that she doesn’t like as much as others, but she still lets me do what I want for the most part.

    I just take it for granted that I forget that it can be a tough thing to get past.

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