g33kWatch Podcast – Dad’s Not Home aka The Rage Returns …

This past week I was away for a few hours while I went down to Southern New Jersey to go pick up the tech equipment for the 24-Hour Slumber Party (which made over $6,900 for Child’s Play Charity!).  In that span of about 4-5 hours, my wife Katie tried to steal my job.  She went ahead and called in our g33k Podcasters, called in TWO special guests, and essentially tried to do my job better than me.

It was a heinous act of treason that she tried to attempt, and she brought down the Podcast run time to an hour and ten minutes.  I have never been more proud of her.

In all honesty though I would like to really thank the crew for recording this past week even though we had a gaming marathon coming up and I wasn’t around to moderate it like I usually do.  Pretty fantastic on their part, I wish I just had enough time to put it up on Friday like I had hoped.  None the less, there is some good content in here that you should listen to.

No one made a list for me so I don’t know what links should be down in the Show Notes doobly doo but I know that they end up talking about the Slumber Party, E3, and X-Men First Class among many other things.  I hope you enjoy as I will be listening for the first time just like our fans.  =)


Joseph Valenti

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  1. Lot of RAGEAHOL in this podcast.

    Thanks for the shout-out regarding Going Bald and thanks MZ for holding my hand as I came to terms with the baldening. And yes we are secret luchadores, we have to put our hair on the line for any statement “Looks like rain, and if it doesn’t rain, I’ll shave my head!” Lucky I live in England so you know, I ‘m 80% right.

    Was a great weekend guys, can’t wait for the MEM2.

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention, despite the fact that I play my DS a lot, especially as I bring it to work so I can regain some sanity during my lunch hour. I really don’t know about the new Sony product.

    I feel like I may not only be screwed into buying something that will be worth a console and a decent monitor/TV to play it on, but it also seems a tad redudant or even life-threatening; as in I have a PS3 at home, do I really need a PS3 whilst on the move? Do I need a PS3 on a smaller screen and worth someone mugging me for when I play it out in the open?

  3. But, there is a real Shepard out on the streets. http://ui07.gamespot.com/710/shepardreallife.jpg
    Mark Vanderloo broseph.

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