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In this day and age it can sometimes feel like there is too much information out there.  Every device that we have in our households, and lord knows we have a ton of devices, is now interconnected with each other and all gets to the internet.  The fact that I can check my Fantasy Football team score on my television while I watch Football on that same TV, is really cool, but also frightening.

The reason I bring this up is because I have felt myself personally struggling to read the last few years.  Sure I read Role-Playing Game systems, and I read up on history and such from the Internet and Wikipedia for research purposes.  Yet the times that I have actually sat down with a physical book (or an E-Reader if need be) are few and far between.  I honestly can’t remember the last book I finished fully (Last Harry Potter Book?), and everytime I try and get into a book I end up falling asleep because my body is trained to just crash as I concentrate on the pages in front of me.

It’s a very serious problem because I’m also the same guy who marathons video games for fun on the weekends and can watch whatever movie I want.  It frightens me that I’ve become “that guy”.  You know, the guy that we used to make fun of because we were reading really interesting books and novels, learning all about crazy cool universes while that person waited for a watered down movie version or video game tie in.  I want to read these books, but with all of the crazy amounts of movies I watch, Podcasts I listen to, games I play and all the work for the site … it has became acceptable to me that I could just leave books behind.

I’m here to tell you that those days are over.  As promised and alluded to for the past few weeks and months, g33kWatch is going to be doing monthly BookCasts where we will pick a book and discuss it in Podcast format.  We talked about it for a long time, but it’s finally happening.  This month we have Katie V, Mister Khon, and Ali talking about The Hunger Games Trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.  We had been talking about it for awhile now so we really hope that you all got a chance to read it.

First off, there are SPOILERS in this cast.  If you care about that thing, and you are interested in reading these novels before the movie comes out next year, then you may not want to listen to this BookCast.  It’s ok, we understand.  Just don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

At it’s core, The Hunger Games are books originally intended for young adult readers describing a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world in which children are forced to compete to the death in a barbaric reality television show organized by a powerful centralized government only known as the Capitol.  The Capitol does this in order to show just how powerful and dominant of a force they are, and to show the 12 Districts that make up the country known as Panem that rising up against the Capitol is a futile gesture.  Oppression, revolution, survival, and morality or just some of the major themes that this series has been known for.

Sounds pretty interesting no?

If you have already experienced The Hunger Games, then this BookCast will be a wonderful opportunity for you to hear how some of our g33k Staff interpreted the book and what they thought were the main take aways  from it.  We really hope that you will use the comments down below to agree, disagree and debate the points brought up during the BookCast and that we can all share our love for this trilogy.

If you haven’t read the series, then we obviously feel like you should.  It’s a very important group of books that are even now being taught in schools here in America.  That’s a fairly impressive feat considering that the first novel came out in 2008.  In only three years this book series has garnered so much attention and popularity that it has vaulted to a very special place in our world … Also it sounds way more interesting than fucking Twilight.  Yes, I went there.

No matter what though, we hope that this BookCast will hopefully be the start of a wonderful series here at g33kWatch where each and every month, we will pick a book to read, and we will use the month to read it and then talk about it.  Essentially we are hoping to start up our own g33kWatch Book Club that we sincerely hope you will join us and become a part of.  Stay tuned to the end of the BookCast to hear some of the suggestions that we have for next month’s book to be read.  We will announce our decision next week on what book we will read, and then you’ll have one month before we discuss it on the September BookCast.

Hopefully this will be a great outlet for our bookworms out there in g33kdom.  Maybe this will be a chance for you to read new books that you might not have read otherwise.  In my case though, it has me excited to read again and to put down the game controller for a little bit.  Perhaps, our little experiment can have a similar result with you.


Joseph Valenti

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  1. I think you guys should read Machine Man by Max Barry. It’s a great, fun, quick read, and it’s TOTALLY g33kworthy.

  2. Fixed it for you and that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll run it by all of the crew. Overall did you enjoy the BookCast?

  3. I haven’t gotten a chance yet, but I’m putting it on my phone for my commute tomorrow. 😀

  4. Will do hopefully you enjoy!

  5. Without knowing what it was about, I thought it was a vampire series, which is why I didn’t want to touch it with a 10-foot pole.

    The names kind of annoyed me. They were just a little over the top. Caesar Flickerman was probably my least favorite, followed by Katniss, and everyone from District 1. I totally didn’t make the Peeta/baker connection until you mentioned it. Derp.

    There WERE too many feelings! I almost didn’t make it past the whiny LiveJournal beginning and Katniss’ constant back and forth (and obliviousness) over Peeta’s intentions just drove me nuts.

    The Quarter Quell wasn’t really a surprise, because the series really couldn’t sustain itself for three books without some serious action, and the end of the first book didn’t really set up the revolution, so it sort of foreshadowed Katniss going back in.

    They should have saved Peeta. Peeta’s the man. After the 347 times Katniss mentions martyring herself to save Peeta only to have them save her instead… ARGH.

    Prim dying annoyed me just because it was like half a paragraph followed by Katniss being all disoriented and on fire, so I was like, wait, REALLY? I had to keep reading, then flip back to make sure that shit actually happened. But really, the only person I was sad about dying was Finnick. I loved Finnick.

    I’m glad Gale didn’t come back, because he’s WAY too good for her.

    There were a lot of things that annoyed me, but I think I really did enjoy the series.

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