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Broadcasted live from the surface of the sun!It’s officially summer, and that means time to complain about how hot it is outside.  No seriously, it’s really hot.  We normally don’t complain so much, but it’s already over 100 degrees here in New Jersey, and super humid, so we’re just not used to how quickly it came upon us.  You may here a rattle sound in this Podcast.  That would be our air conditioner working overtime.

In between bouts of heat stroke, we do find some time to talk about geeky topics.  We take a look at some of the exclusive toys for San Diego Comic Con, and even talk about our favorite toys that we currently and used to own.  Joey V gushes about how cool Playstation Plus is, and how giving away free games for subscribers may be an interesting way to get people into their service for next generation consoles.  Katie starts a conversation about Internet bullying that the entire group has a very strong opinion about, and we also discuss the great movie options that you have this upcoming weekend.

It’s a pretty jam packed show, but we also have a homework assignment for all of you.  Joey V, channeling his inner Tyler Durden, wants to know about local summer traditions that are close to you.  We here in New Jersey have the NJ State Fair, and use it as an excuse to eat more fried food than we know what to do with.  What about you guys and gals out there?  What is a fun thing that you do during the summer around you?  Leave lots of comments down below and let us know all about it.


Show Topics By Time

  • Shameless PlugMario Marathon 5 this weekend.  Be sure to donate from the g33kWatch site! | 00:04:47
  • Summer, Summer, Summer, Summertime! NJ Fair & other summer traditions | 00:09:00
  • Geek Culture San Diego Comic Con exclusive toys, and our favorites | 00:17:25
  • Video Games Playstation Plus is getting WAY cool | 00:45:15
  • Geek Culture The latest in Internet controversies | 00:51:03
  • Movies Lots of great movies to see this weekend | 01:35:18
  • Geek Homework What is the cool, local, summertime tradition near you?  Leave a comment about it! | 01:51:14


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