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If you were lucky enough to find a gambling site that was taking bets on the  “How the public will react to Mass Effect 3” situation, and you then bet on the total shitstorm option, then congratulations–you have won!  Please be sure to bring your betting slip to the nearest Internet Casino and collect your winnings.

It’s been two weeks since Mass Effect 3 came out, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the game.  A great deal of it is aimed directly at the ending, but it has also begun to seep into the game–and even the series–as a whole.  We don’t consider ourselves Mass Effect experts, but we are obviously very involved with the BioWare community and felt like we wanted to discuss the situation.  Our reaction is probably what many of you would expect: asking people to be patient and constructive with their criticism.  You don’t have to like the ending to the game.  Hell, you don’t even have to like Mass Effect 3 as a whole.  But what we do want to remind people of is that personally attacking some of the people that worked on the game or insulting the players who actually did enjoy the game and its ending is not cool.  Obviously, not everyone is like this, but there are a some very vocal members of the community who are proving to be Internet dickwads.

It’s tough to be mad at the Internet, though, when we receive really awesome stories about geeks being able to have their passions become their full time job.  We have always been big fans of the site Giant Bomb, and we were happy to see that Giant Bomb got bought by CBS Interactive.  Now they have the funds and the ability to produce more content on how to cook chili, the lack of bad pizza in Northern California, and sometimes covering video games in a very honest fashion.

Giant Bomb wasn’t the only site with good news last week, as Tested.com announced that they would be working with Adam and Jamie from the popular show Mythbusters.  Tested went from a small website talking about phones and gadgets, and is now hosting articles from two of the most popular figures in the scientific and special effects communities.  These kind of stories are inspirational to us, and it should be to you as well.  If you put the work in, great things can happen.

There’s also our commentary on the Avengers movie, Marvel Day, our love of Joss Whedon and many links from the one and only Yogi.  So get your popcorn ready and take a little trip with us on this week’s episode of the g33kWatch Podcast!


Show Topics By Time

  • Site NewsReminder about our Child’s Play Charity panel at PAX East! | 00:04:07
  • Games Our reaction to the strong feelings and backlash against Mass Effect 3 | 00:10:05
  • Games Darryl asks us “Who did your Shepard romance in ME3?” | 00:35:04
  • Geek CultureGiant Bomb gets bought by CBS and geeks turning their passion into jobs | 00:37:03
  • MoviesMarvel Day, Avengers news, and our love of Joss Whedon | 00:54:02
  • Yogi’s LinksGoogle Goggles, Cupcake ATMs, New SNES Games, Railguns and more | 01:11:14

How to Run a Child’s Play Charity Event

Friday, April 6, 2012 @ 1:30 PM ET

PAX East – Wyvern Theater

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Yogi’s Links

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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━━┻

    Jokes aside the podcast was great and I look forward to the ME3 spoilercast where we can discuss some of the story details without worrying who has had time to finish the game. The ending wasn’t what I hoped for but as usual the internet blew it out of proportion.

    I’d like to write more but it almost time for work..

    Thanks for all the fish

    • We always have time for hatemail! Yeah the ME3 story has been very exhausting for us here. We’re not covering it everyday, but we’re seeing it unfold on a daily basis and it’s just a lot to digest. For someone who is such a big fan of the series, I just hate to see it all end like this.

      Hopefully the spoilercast will give us a place for constructive conversation and the ability to remember the high points of ME3 =)

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