E3 or How Joey V Fell in Love With Ken Levine

It’s been a two week hiatus since we have Podcasted.  Some may have assumed that we had lost the desire to have our voices recorded after our amazing run with the 24-Hour Slumber Party … those individuals would be sorely mistaken.  We used that two week vacation to regain our constitution and now we are ready to talk at you tangentially all over again!  Buckle up kiddos, it’s going to be a crazy long ride.

No seriously this podcast is a little on the long side, but we have a lot to cover.  We have to go over gaming marathon news, and we have to bitch about the craziness that was E3.

Take a trip with me, take a journey with me, and click play on the Podcast below.

We talk about the Slumber Party and how a rousing, energy draining success it was.  The topics of costumes being hot as balls, when prizes are going out, Katie attempting to sleep in the closet during the event, and just how much more exhausting it was then Mass Effect Marathon.  We were pleased with how it came out, and we have been taking as much feedback as possible on it so that we can improve.  Please leave comments or stories about it in the comments or check out the Feedback Thread on the Forums.

Oh yeah and a great part of the Slumber Party was being able to chat and hang out with the great individuals from Mario Marathon.  Guess what?  They liked what we did so much that they wanted us to call in DURING Mario Marathon 4.  On Saturday, June 25 at 3 PM ET we will be special guests calling in via Skype answering questions, heckling the players, and supporting Child’s Play!  We are super excited for it so please come out and support us during it, and support Mario Marathon (Donate to Child’s Play via Mario Marathon via our website on the right!).

After that we have a lot of E3 talk.  It’s a lot to get through so we try our best to do so.

In addition we are taking this Podcast to try a new feature!  We would like to introduce you to Zoob from the website SeriousCasuals.com who will be doing a 5 minute interlude during our Podcasts.  This week he goes ahead and talks about E3, what he liked and what he didn’t like, and gives you a different perspective.  Please go check out his website, he’s a fantastic guy and please leave comments for Zoob and let us know what you would like him to talk about in the future!

Oh yeah, and we have a little commercial that goes on before that.  It’s fun and I want to do more.  Leave suggestions.

We then finish up our E3 talk and Joey V starts to talk about his undying love for Ken Levine of System Shock and Bioshock fame.  It’s a full fledged Bromance that we hope you’ll laugh at.


Show Notes

  • Got Slumber Party Feedback?  Leave a comment down below, or check out the Forums.
  • Saturday, June 25 @ 3 PM ET – g33kWatch Crew calling into Mario Marathon 4
  • Amazing new Mario Marathon 4 Trailer!

  • If you can, check out the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend! They made a limited edition Bruce Campbell Lithograph for the event that you just need to check out. For more informatino on the event check out http://www.wizardworld.com/philadelphia.html
  • Seriously, check out Serious Casuals and support our friend Zoob.
  • Joey and Katie V’s cat loves Ken Levine and Bioshock as well.  Look at the photographic evidence.

Joseph Valenti

Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves. Connect with me on Google+


  1. g33k on the outside? That’s my middle name. My overly long, obviously foreign middle name! My resume is as follows:-

    Name: Jimmy
    Other names: Drakmarth, Baldy, BalDrak, DarkTwitKing (formerly TwitKing)
    Rating: Awesome
    Pros: English (Americans don’t know funny), Bald (I lost my hair for you people!), Sexy (I don’t know how this helps?)
    Cons: I don’t think you’re funny at all (seriously (not seriously))
    Additional: Everyone else sucks

  2. Oh, for Manchester City. It’s some weird celebration they took from Polish fans in a game against Lech Poznan in the Europa League last year I think, so yeah, blame Poland.

  3. I think Zoob did very well in his 5 minute segment. I think it’d be cool if you kept him on for future podcasts.

  4. Drunken DrMacKenzie


  5. heh Ken Levine works at Irrational Games and is the creative director and driving force for games like System Shock, and Bioshock. Those games are really great to me I jump through hoops to make sure I play games made by Ken Levine.

  6. PSVita – awesome.
    WiiU – Foghorn that goes off around things that stink.

    I would also like to apply for the outsider g33k..

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  8. I want to be the awesome outsider! Why? Cause it’d be awesome!

    Name – Soah
    other names – The Twitter Cheater
    What I’ve done for G33kwatch – BANNERS! 😀 Also spread the word and made a flyer and plan to make another for MEM2.
    What I hope to do in the future – Be able to donate more and and hopefully be able to write stuff about Comic Con as the official-unofficial-official g33kwatch correspondent.
    other thoughts – I R GEWD at keeping secrets that aren’t mine. xD Good luck to the other applicants!

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