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E3 keeps getting more and more coverage around itFor the people watching E3 at home, this year’s show seemed rather lackluster.  Sure there were some highlights to be had from all the major press conferences, but overall reaction to the show has been somewhat negative.  Is this fair?  To an extent it is, but it’s also the problem when you aren’t actually at E3 physically.  The people at home are pretty much subjugated to watching the major press conferences and not much else.  Even if you follow the major gaming news sites, it can be difficult to get a handle on all of the games that are being shown on the E3 expo floor.  There were definitely some standout games to be had, and even some new intellectual properties that are going to make the last year or so of this console generation a real joy.

This brings me to the title of this week’s Podcast; Too Much Crap, Not Enough Cool.  We definitely don’t mean it to sound like, everything was really shitty at the show.  Most certainly not.  What we didn’t like overall was that the major players of the gaming industry decided to dedicate a lot of time to things that we either already going to buy, or just don’t care about.  There were plenty of things that would have been new or interesting, but for whatever reason that just didn’t get enough screen time.

Our prediction from a few weeks ago that this would be a very odd E3 rang true.  We are still about 1-2 years away from next-generation consoles and most companies are trying to play it safe in the interim.  Don’t devote too many resources to a dangerous endeavor because you don’t want to spend too much money on a new game that will come out at the end of a console’s lifecycle.  It makes sense, but it also means that we’re in for a lot of sequels and games that we’ve seen before.

Let us know what you though of E3 this year in the comments section below.  Give us your highlights, lowlights and everything in between!


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  1. I didn’t watch any of E3, I have been able to pick and choose what I had to see after the fact, avoiding what I heard was gog awful.

    I am tired of a lot of old IPs coming back. I’m not a Halo fan – I played Reach cheap for the g33k nights, I still haven’t finished Revelations because Assassin’s Creed became so “Eh” for me and that is awful because I enjoyed AC1~AC2, Gears of War doesn’t do much for me no matter how hard I try.

    That being said three games sparked something inside me:

    I lauded Heavy Rain for its ambition and narrative, despite the flaws in execution, I hold out for Beyond to take what was rich in Rain and improve on the other areas. The trailer actually worked for me as I didn’t have, what I now learn was, an awkward sell leading in.

    In Uncharted Nate always ends up looking like a train wreck, and to their credit Naughty Dog makes it seem like he struggles, but somehow he survives. The Last of Us feels visceral, if you get hurt, you are hurt, no rest and your health returns, you are damaged goods until you find a medical pack and patch yourself up. That was something I liked in MGS3, but it didn’t seem to go much further from there.

    Watch Dogs when I heard the buzz and read messages I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect, I do admit I thought it was one of these “Oh this has been the only new thing so far, of course everyone blows it out of proportion.” But watching the gameplay, wow, it is Future Assassin’s Creed, in the good way. What I took from is the idea of “What if?” What if I chose to play the game different, I could turn off all the phones, but what I could talk my way in to the club, is there a sneakier method to get to your target than causing a car crash? I don’t expect endless possibilities, but giving me three or four options to play around with per objective? I would be so happy with that.

    I have no idea what to think of Mass Effect 3 on WiiU, how are they going to apply the story choices of two previous games? Another motion comic? Has anyone been waiting since 2007 to play a Mass Effect game without having played a Mass Effect? I don’t understand what they can bring to the fold to sell it to people that bought the games already, kinda like the Arkham City problem, what is the hook for me to buy your console and this game?

  2. The media features on xbox 360 were what finally got me to cancel my cable TV. I cut out $100 a month I was paying for TV that I never watched anyway. I would have the xbox 360 either way but I find those features super useful.

    As far as having all the consoles go I am now down to only the 360. Is this because its better? Meh, not really. I really like Live and how easy it is to connect and play with my other friends. I do like some of the Xbox exclusives. The marketplace works really well. That said I am certain the PS3 is plenty good at those things, I just never got into it. The Wii will always be slightly necessary due to Nintendo first party stuff you just can’t possibly get elsewhere.

    One thing the Xbox has which I don’t think its available on the other consoles at nearly the same level is the voice control. Right now navigating the Netflix app by voice is more efficient than using the controller. Yes it requires Kinect which is $150 more than just having a 360 but I use it all the time for this purpose.

    • I totally understand and get it. If you are able to cut out expense and gain new media features by using the XBOX 360 then I think it’s worthwhile. Roku boxes are super cool and moving in that direction is fun, but at the same time doesn’t make for the most thrilling press conference. I just like the PS3 better in terms of layout for those kinds of features so I use it more for that, but by the same token, I play less games on it.

      I really haven’t done a lot of voice commands with the Kinect and I think that’s a byproduct of me only really playing games on the 360. If it was my one media box I would probably use it, but alas. Glad to hear that people are happy with the direction though. =)

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