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When we record a Podcast, we never fully know what we are going to get at the end of it.  Sure, we have a list of topics that we set out to discuss.  For the most part, we do a fine job of covering them.  Sometimes though, we like to go off on tangents and bring those thoughts and feelings into the original topic.  Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that when we start discussing a movie about the Devil trying to claim souls, that we begin talking about Dante’s Inferno and English research papers.  It is just a natural progression of thoughts.

Besides talking about the movie Devil’s Carnival and its idea of Heaven and Hell, we also find time to discuss other movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.  Specifically, we grill Mr. Khon on just how good The Avengers is and what we should expect from it.  The resounding feeling from Mr. K and everyone else we have talked to about the film, says that it’s one of the best comic book movies ever made.  That’s high praise!

In terms of The Dark Knight Rises, the latest trailer just came out.  How do we feel about it?  Well we really don’t know to be quite honest.  The trailer looks cool, but we do not have a clear idea of what the movie will be about.  Sure it will have Batman, Catwoman and Bane, but other than that we just don’t know what the crux of the plot will be.  Obviously that doesn’t deter us from wanting to see the movie, but it has been odd seeing trailers as they slowly come out.  Don’t worry Warner Bros, we want to see a new Batman movie.  You don’t need to try that hard, we’ll come on our own.

The other major topic this week is the announcement of the new video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  We normally don’t discuss Call of Duty games, but there is a lot of buzz about how developers Treyarch are trying to make some needed changes to the standard CoD format.  A greater emphasis on story, futuristic setting, more emotional resonance with characters, and even branching storylines.  No idea if all of that will actually happen, but their promises to look into those areas are very intriguing to non-CoD fans like us.

As always please leave comments on what you think about our topics and our tangents, and let us know what you would like us to talk about in future episodes!


Show Topics By Time

  • Katie Rant Katie talks about our trip to the Toys ‘R Us | 00:02:42
  • Weekend News Go check out Free Comic Book Day, and Mass Effect Marathon 2.5 | 00:08:00
  • Games Will Black Ops 2 change the formula enough to make you care about a Call of Duty game? | 00:21:12
  • MoviesWe discuss Avengers, The Devil’s Carnival, and The Dark Knight Rises trailer| 00:35:15
  • Valenti Rant We discuss High School / College term papers and our love of mythology | 01:05:42
  • Not Yogi’s LinksBlack Widow’s Butt, Trailers, and Dark Souls Full Play | 01:29:09

Not Yogi’s Links

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Mass Effect Marathon 2.5

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  1. I got done listening to the podcast in my car the other day, and like not ten minutes later, I passed a bunch of stormtroopers, and was like, Why the hell are there stormtroopers in Scotch Plains?! Derp. I was running late to a bridal shower, but I made my way back there later and picked up a few free comics and a ton on not-free comics. *sigh*

    The dude at Gamestop was trying to sell me on Black Ops 2, but I just wasn’t buying. The CoD franchise DOES feel like Madden all over again.

    The last movie to get a threepeat theater viewing out of me was Armageddon. More recently, Cloverfield and Battle: Los Angeles got two. Avengers is probably at least good for three. SO GREAT.

    Have some of you seriously not seen Repo!? For shame!

    The term paper discussion had me laughing because my college advisor/favorite prof is a Willa Cather scholar/fanboy, but I haven’t heard her name mentioned in like 10 years. Goddamned Shadows on the Rock. They wait for the ship. The ship comes. The ship leaves. STUPID BOOK. ECO SMASH.

    • lol glad that you enjoyed the Podcast! I think I saw Armageddon twice in the theater. Usually I’m not a multiple theater viewing person but damn Avengers makes a very strong case for me to do so. =)

  2. I ended up seeing Avengers twice in the theatres, I left it two weeks so I could hopefully catch the second stinger. Unfortunately they did not release it everywhere in the UK.

    The last film I saw multiple times was The Dark Knight, three times.

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