Geek Advice: Things To Consider When Buying A Game Console

Every geek worth his or her salt will own at least one video games console – but what should you look out for when you are buying one? Personal tastes are a big factor, of course: some will prefer the simple charms of second-hand retro consoles, while others will prefer to buy cutting-edge modern makes with high video and data storage discs, and the latest in 3D graphics in bluray.

Retro consoles

If you missed out on a console during its first time round, it is great fun to pick it up second hand and see what games are available. You will be surprised at how many consoles have existed on the market over the decades; generally speaking, your best bet will be a well-known machine such as the Super Nintendo or the Sega Mega Drive, as these will have the wider numbers of titles available. However, digging up a forgotten system such as the Jaguar or 3DO will give you the opportunity to sample some lesser-known games, including a few buried treasures – but just remember that, in many cases, these consoles failed to catch on for good reason.

Modern consoles

With their high-definition bluray capabilities and online connections, you will certainly be getting a lot if you opt to buy a modern games console. There are several factors which should be borne in mind when choosing one: firstly, is it backwards compatible? If it will allow you to play games for older systems, then you will be getting the best of both worlds – both modern releases and retro classics. A second consideration is which companies are exclusively tied to the system. Sometimes this will be obvious – Nintendo will only make games for Nintendo systems – and sometimes less so. For example, did you know that the legendary games company Rare is now owned by Microsoft, and so is tied firmly to the various Xbox consoles?


Whether you opt for an old cartridge format or the latest bluray machine, buying a games console can be great fun: no matter which make you get, a wide new world of games will be opened up to you. Countless brilliant titles have been released throughout the history of gaming, and by buying a good console you can ensure that you have access to many of the finest.

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