Ways to Prevent Fantasy Tanking – g33kBowl Week 13 Predicitions

Managers have so many excuses as to why they loseIt’s the last week of the Fantasy Football regular season, and while there are still some playoff spots up for grabs, we know who is going to make it for the most part.  A large problem with Fantasy Football, especially larger leagues, is that you have tons of teams fighting to get one of four playoff spots.  In the g33kBowl, that means ten teams are going to be playing for nothing but pride.  Sometimes though, pride isn’t enough to get you motivated, and it can be tempting to just tank the season.  Especially if you are in a particular type of league where you award next year’s number one pick to the team with the worst record.

While we could talk about the playoffs, I’d rather focus in on the idea of tanking the season and losing on purpose, or trading away all of your best players and get nothing in return.  These problems are very real, and can definitely detract from the enjoyment of a Fantasy Football year.  We know that you have a losing record and won’t make the playoffs, but that doesn’t’ mean you should trade Aaron Rodgers to the top ranked team for Santonio Holmes.  It also doesn’t mean that you should bench all of your players except Tim Tebow, and then proclaim that God’s chosen player is going to lead you to victory.  By the way, that Tim Tebow story actually happened in my personal league.  Not going to name names, but it was definitely someone from the Mass Effect Marathon.

Now remember that for some leagues, where you are just playing for fun, this may not be an issue.  Yet for other leagues where money is on the line, or where people really get into it, tanking can really be a divisive issue.  So how do you stop this epidemic and ensure that people at least try during the end of the season?  I’ve compiled some suggestions for you that you may enjoy.

  • Doesn't seem bad, but the tab could get expensiveThe worst overall record has to buy the league dinner – I’m not saying that you should go out to a five star restaurant, but imagine if you had to buy pizza and beer for fourteen people?  That would be pretty pricey, especially if you went out to a bar to do it!  It gives the non-playoff matchups even more meaning, and sometimes a more lasting one.  No one would want to be the last place finisher and have to cover the tab.  This would ensure that people are fighting and clawing to not be last and keeps the entire league interested to the very last snap.  What’s even more fun, is that you could have this league dinner, be at the end of the season as a celebration, or have it be your draft party for the following season.
  • Last place manager is banned from the league for a year – This one seems harsh, but it actually has potential.  Most people like playing fantasy football, but sometimes they get lazy during the year and give up games they shouldn’t.  Like the idea above, this forces you to really pay attention each and every week, and you’ll be trying your hardest not to finish last.  This is an especially good idea, if you have a group of friends that is bursting at the seems with people who want to play, or if you have an odd number of friends wanted to play.  Every year you struggle to get twelve people into the league, and that last guy you get always sucks.  This time around, only do ten, and then keep that going each year.  The downside to this is that it could lead to some very hurt feelings, so you have to make sure your friends can handle it.
  • It was a bad yearConsolation playoff bracket – This one doesn’t penalize anyone.  Are you in a last place?  Doesn’t matter because for the next four weeks, you have a chance to move up the ladder in a completely separate playoff bracket.  Think of it as playing in the NIT instead of March Madness.  Sure, it sucks to not be in the bigger tournament, but you can still win some cool stuff!  League Managers should make another trophy for this tournament and everything!  You can also make it really worthwhile and state that whoever wins this mini-playoff gets whatever pick they want next year.  If the winner of the league is the Heavyweight Champion, then the consolation playoffs would determine the Intercontinental Champion.  You pick up on my Professional Wrestling metaphor there?  Good!

What other good ideas would you have to prevent tanking.  Let me know in the comments down below and get ready for the playoffs!

Joey V Prediction Record: (40-15-1)
Paul F Prediction Record: (4-9-1)

Week 13 Matchups

The Besaid Aurochs
Lunaris Robunnys


Katie and The Besaid Aurochs bet big on Philadelphia Eagles players this year.  As you might be aware, this plan did not pay off.  Michael Vick & DeSean Jackson were busts this year, along with some under performing by other players as well.  Even worse for the Aurochs, they have ot play against the Robunnys who are second overall in the entire league.  I think this one isn’t close at all, as the Robunnys ride Ray Rice, Peyton Manning, CJ Spiller and the Bears Defense to victory.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Cydonia Chryssalids
Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s


Paul of the Cydonia Chryssalids took offense when I didn’t pick him to make the playoffs many weeks ago.  He went on a seven game win streak after that.  With firm grasp on the number one overall spot in the league, Paul just needs to go through the motions and find out who he is playing in the first round.  While it’s possible that Terry and the Thresher Maw’s win this game, there’s a few weak spots still on the roster.  Daryl Richardson, Nate Washington, and Sidney Rice are just a little too inconsistent on a weekly basis to feel confident about the upset here.  Give us the Chryssalids.

Predicted Winner: Cydonia Chryssalids

Hoboken Dread Pirates
NJ Fear Boners


While my weekly predictions have been pretty good, my early season threat assessments have been way off.  Remember that time I gave the NJ Fear boners a 5 out of 5 on the scary scale?  The team just looked so good on paper, but you don’t win games on paper.  Well I guess you do in Fantasy Football, but still.  The Fear Boners are going to lose for a simple reason.  They are still starting Steve Breston at WR.  Breston has scored six points all year.  You can’t be starting a player like that and have me pick you to win a week.  Dread Pirates win this game big and hope to sneak into the playoffs

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Zombie Black Bears
Scottish Highlanders


It’s been a rough year for the defending champion Highlanders.  Just could never get a stable lineup going, as high draft pick Cam Newton just never panned out, and more injuries than I can even list.  The Zombie Black Bears on the other hand have just been going about their business and should be on their way to the playoffs.  I think that the champs have too much pride this week, and I see an upset that will shake up the entire playoff picture.  Give me the Highlanders!

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

Fighting Pacifists


No matter what kind of injuries or inconsistent play that has happened, Mike and the Fighting Pacifists have just found ways to win.  They have averaged a score of 90+ points for most of the season, and are riding a four game winning streak.  We don’t know how they do it, but someone just seems to step up big for them.  Despite having a great record, the Pacifists really need to win this game to have a chance at making the playoffs.  Jimmy and ARRGAN IISOU on the other hand, have just had really bad injuries at the worst possible times.  That has hampered the roster, and has made this a very long season.  That being said, things are starting to come together for Andre Johnson and Dez Bryant.  I think that those guys, combined with the return of Ben Rothleisburger, will be enough to give Jimmy the upset victory!

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

Hopped Up Titans
Binary Rock-Jocks


The Binary Rock-Jocks had a terrible week 12.  They were only able to score 31 points due to injuries, turnovers, and just horrendous player performances.  Unfortunately, things don’t seem to get much easier in week 13.  Malfunct and the Hopped Up Titans are proving to be a pillar of consistency and are aiming for their third win in a row to ensure they get into the playoffs.  The Rock-Jocks are relying on too much from Aaron Rodgers, and this week it will hurt them again.  Give me the Titans.

Predicted Winner: Hopped Up Titans

Week 13 Spotlight Match

Mars Space Cowboys
Citadel Spectres


Neither of these teams are going to make the playoffs.  It’s just a fact.  But this is an important matchup because we could be witnessing history here, and not the good kind.  For this entire year, Pedro and the Mars Space Cowboys have not been able to win a game.  They have twelve straight losses and they could be on their way to a reverse perfect season.  It’s not the most embarrassing thing in the world, but it’s still pretty bad.  If the Cowboys are going to get off to a good start though, the Spectres are who they want to play.  The Spectres just do not have an explosive player, and their QB situation has ruined them the entire year.  I have a gut feeling that the Space Cowboys are about to win their first game of the year, and that will just be torture for me.  More than that though, I just don’t want to see someone go 0-17.

Predicted Winner: Mars Space Cowboys

Joseph Valenti

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  1. In two of my leagues, we have two different reasons not to tank.

    In one, the players with the two worst records are required to bring a case of beer to the draft.

    In the other, we have our own version of “The Sacko”, and we call it “The Santorum” which the players with the two worst records have to battle it out with the loser getting the trophy.

  2. I’m also not sure how I keep winning despite my team being odd. I might be the Tim Tebow of our league, winning despite it being a long shot.

  3. I have to be entirely honest, the second half of this season was far more stressful for me than I would have liked. Losing a lot doesn’t bother me. It seems that riding the bubble however drives me nuts.

    • Being on the playoff bubble is the hardest thing to deal with in my experience. In this league I am out of the hunt and it doesn’t hurt. In my other league, I am guaranteed 2nd place, and that is fine. But not knowing where you stand, is rough.

    • I’ve cemented my places in three leagues now. Playoffs in two, out in one. It’s so much less stressful. Then the stress begins again next week with the playoffs!


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