The Playoffs Begin – g33kBowl Week 14 & 15 Predictions

20121207-121850.jpgIt’s showtime! Yes indeed, we have finally reached the Fantasy Football playoffs and we have some really fantastic matchups. In the winner’s bracket, we have two fans of the site facing off against each other, while two of our longtime contributors and staff fight to see who is the best. This means that no matter what happens, we will have a staff versus fan finale, and to me that is a really exciting thing. The biggest reason why we do this league is to interact with our fans and to show the geekier side of Fantasy Sports. I’m glad that we can show that off.

At this point the year I have very little advice I can give you that will help you during your matchups. So instead, I wanted to talk about what you do after this. There are many of you that will go on and will play more Fantasy Football next year. That sounds fantastic, I wish you the best of luck! There are others though that may not have enjoyed their time and want out. I can completely understand this, and rather than try to talk you out of it, I say sit out for a year. Take a break from the game and see if you end up missing it.

Why take the break? Well it can be really rough to have a few years of having your Fantasy team constantly imploding on itself. How many years do we need to get stuck with Michael Turner, or have to deal with the injury concerns of Michael Vick & Antonio Gates? It’s just maddening and after sometime you just need a fucking break. So go and take that break. The only thing that you should do, is see if you miss it. There was a few years where I had given up playing Fantasy because I just didn’t have any friends to do it with, and was out of the game. What I found was that I missed that thrill of winning, and being invested in all of the football games, and not just those games with my favored team.

You make take a break and be fine without playing. To that I say, cool! If you find yourself missing the action though, just know that there will always be a league out there for you. =)

I totally dominated predictions during the regular season. Let’s hope that trends continues during the playoffs!

Joey V Prediction Record: (44-18-1)
Paul F Prediction Record: (4-9-1)

Playoff Matchups Weeks 14-15

Hopped Up Titans
Cydonia Chryssalids


The theme of this playoff season, like most of them, is that the games are going to be extremely close and competitive. While looking over the teams, they are both stacked. The Hopped Up Titans are a bit more stacked at WR and the Chryssalids are really great at RB. That should even out so I had to look at where the difference would be. In the end, I think it will come down to the TE position. Malfunct and the Titans have the horrid Antonio Gates while Paul and the Chryssalids have the amazing Jimmy Graham. That can and will make all the difference. Give me the Chryssalids.

Predicted Winner: Cydonia Chryssalids

Hoboken Dread Pirates
Lunaris Robunnys


Battle of good friends this week. To say that these teams are evenly matched would be a massive understatement. In looking at the matchup for the next two weeks, I am inclined to go with Yogi and the Lunaris Robunnys. Peyton Manning has had a stellar year, Ray Rice is well rested and CJ Spiller is explosive. Not all roses for the Bunnys though. Injury concerns for Miles Austin and Vincent Jackson are troubling and could mess up the scoring output. That being said though, Chris and the Dread Pirates have as many concerns. Matt Ryan has been having a rough couple of weeks, Shonne Green is inconsistent, and Lance Moore and the Saints have a brutal end schedule. I think this game could go either, but I feel more confident with the Bunnys.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Consolation Matchups Weeks 14-15

Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s
Citadel Spectres


Been a very tough season for these last year juggernauts. Injuries and inconsistent p,ay have put them in a position where they are simply fighting for pride. Looking over the rosters, the Thresher Maws are suffering from some bad injuries and a lot if their players are looking to miss time or not be fully effective. The Spectres on the other hand have their full team. That team may not be impressive but points are points. I think the Spectres squeak it out this round.

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

Mars Space Cowboys
NJ Fear Boners


The newly married man, versus his best man. Should be an entertaining subplot to make this matchup really stand out. Yet in the end, these are two teams that have had incredibly tough seasons and will be looking forward to the offseason. But who will win this matchup of friends? I am still going to go with the NJ Fear Boners. I think it’s great that the Space Cowboys won last week, but there are just too many holes on the roster. Despite underperforming players, the Fear Boners have a better roster and should pull it out.

Predicted Winner: NJ Fear Boners

The Besaid Aurochs
Scottish Highlanders


My poor wife Katie and the Besaid Aurochs took some big gambles in this league and they just didn’t pay off. Larry Fitzgerald has been a bust not because of talent but because no one can get him the ball. Vick was an injury and turnover machine, and DeSean Jackson couldn’t get going because of the uncertainty a QB. Things weren’t better for the Highlanders as Cam Newton never panned out and is now getting second guessed as a starting QB. I have to give this matchup to the Highlanders though. Just a lot more solid players starting this week and I feel more comfortable with that.

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

Zombie Black Bears
Fighting Pacifists


Eco and the Zombie Black Bears were so close to the playoffs they could taste it. Same for Mike and the Fighting Pacifists. The winner of this match wants to finish out the season strong and prove that they could’ve won this entire thing, if just one or two things went their way. I believe that this will be extremely close, but will ultimately come down to the RB position. The Black Bears have some of the best in the business in Foster, Bush and Morris. I think that will be able to carry the day and win out the weeks.

Predicted Winner: Zombie Black Bears

Binary Rock-Jocks


Battle of the eternal rivals. Jimmy and ARRGAN IISOU versus Mike and the Binary Rock-Jocks. I went back and forth on this one in my head but I have to give the nod to the Rock-Jocks. Greg Jennings and Pierre Garçon are both coming back a the absolute best time. Combine that with Aaron Rodgers and Fred Jackson and I think that is enough. If IISOU wants to win this, they are going to have monster weeks from Andre Johnson and Dez Bryant. I think that is possible but not for two weeks in a row.

Predicted Winner: Bonary Rock-Jocks

Joseph Valenti

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  1. I’m happy I ended up 6th overall after my draft was placed at two glasses. Take that! No, but it was fun this year. Can’t wait to watch and see how the playoffs turn out.

  2. I definitely understand the urge of some people to sit out. When your season collapses in on itself like a miniature black hole, you wonder why the hell you do this in the first place. When you have an awesome draft and your star player goes out in week two, it’s infuriating to see everything fall to crap. Honestly, it’s a lot like war-gaming, but you can’t control your pieces after you put them on the board. You pick the ones that you think will work best…

    Holy crap, Warhammer fantasy draft league! That… sounds… AWESOME!

    Anyways, you pick the ones that you think would work the best, and you simply hope it works out. This year it worked out for me in that I made the playoffs in two of my leagues. Next year, I could end up on the bottom of the league. You never know how it’ll work out. You just hope to guess for the best.

  3. Such a frustrating season as the early performance of Megatron and my bad luck of continually picking the wrong other starting WR week in week out, cost me big time. Wasn’t much better luck wise in my league as I started something like 1-7 before winning five in a row and again, just so nearly at the playoff spot.

    At any rate, its been a blast and I look forward to more FF next season (should there be one – other sports would need to include mid 90’s basketball and baseball for me to have any chance 😉 ).

  4. I. Am. Never. Playing. Fantasy. Football. Ever. Again. Ever.

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