The Double Meaning of Bye Weeks – 2013 g33kBowl Week 4 Predictions

Lose in Week 4, and you could kiss your playoff hopes good byeBye Weeks in the NFL are something that are absolutely necessary.  The sport is so taxing and so physical, that teams need a week off.  When certain teams have their bye weeks can have a huge impact on the world of Fantasy Football.  This year, the first teams on bye are Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers.  Rodgers, Jones, Cobb, Nelson, all gone.  Cam Newton, gone.  This can be a huge disadvantage to a great many teams.  The Packers wide receivers, and Aaron Rodgers at QB have been swinging matchups thus far in the early season.  With them out, that can be a really big void to fill.  For Cam Newton owners, he was just starting to show the potential he has, and now he’s out.

Bye weeks can mean players taking a rest.  It could tie into the fact that teams are starting to trade their players and say good bye to them.  It could also spell doom for the rest of the season for certain squads.  Fall down 0-4 or 1-3 this early in the season, and your chances of making the playoffs go right out the window.  Say bye to them.  =P

Meanwhile, here are some players I think you should say good bye to.  If they are on your team, you should get rid of them, and if they aren’t on your team, then you should try and buy low on them.

  • David Wilson (RB) – I think that Wilson will eventually salvage this season and have some good games.  Trying to figure out what games those will be, and if they are ever going to happen, are going to be super difficult to predict.  Save yourself some agony and get rid of him.  On the flip side, you can probably convince a Wilson owner to trade him for basically nothing.  If you can do that, then I think the upside is worth the risk.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew (RB) – Look, when you drafted MJD you knew that he played on a really shitty team.  Yet this year is taking that statement to a whole new level.  MJD just doesn’t look like the same player he was two years ago, and since the Jaguars are down so quickly and by so much, it just isn’t working out.  I still believe in his talent to eventually figure this all out, but you have to adjust your expectations.  He’s a FLEX player at best now, and that goes for whether you have him or trying to get him.
  • Doesn't matter when you drafted them, you have to know when to give up on a player ... or make a low ball trade offerCJ Spiller (RB) – This is probably going to be controversial but I just don’t think this guy can live up to the hype that was placed on him.  Not only does he seem to be a little bit fragile right now and his injury history is becoming a problem, but also Fred Jackson is taking a good chunk of carries and touches away from him.  Spiller is definitely going to have a game this year, probably a few, where he scores a ton of points and makes you look dumb.  The risk that goes from game to game though, just isn’t worth it.  I would say good bye to him here.
  • Larry Fitzgerald (WR) – There’s just a bad feeling I’m getting from the Cardinals.  I think that everything was setup for Fitz to flourish under Carson Palmer, but injuries and Palmer throwing even more interceptions than normal, just make me feel like Fitz may never get back to what he once was.  Totally shame too, one of my favorite players.
  • Colin Kaepernick (QB) – Whoa, a 5 point and a 4 point game?  I don’t care how bad of a game you have, you can’t be putting up those kinds of numbers, not from a supposed elite quarterback.  I would dump him if you could, and do it quickly.  The more time that passes, the more likely he’ll have some more stinkers and then you’ll be stuck with him.  Hell even RG3 with major injuries is playing better than Kaepernick.  =P

Joey V 2013 Prediction Record: (6-12)

Week 4 Matchups

Zombie Black Bears (0-3)
Soldier’s Peak Wardens (2-1)


I keep picking against Mike and the Soldier’s Peak Wardens and I am constantly being proven wrong.  At the same time, I continue to believe in Kristen and the Zombie Black Bears and she just keeps losing.  Well, time for me to completely flip flop and start picking the right people.

for the Wardens, Jaamal Charles has been rolling well.  The pickup of Steven Ridley should be hurting the team, but with talent rookie Giovanni Bernard now in the starting lineup, the Wardens have a deadly combination at RB.  While Cam Newton is out this week, any backup that the Wardens use should be more than enough to get an average week, and that can totally be enough to pull out a victory.

For the Black Bears, Tom Brady has been a wreck all year, and while the return of Gronk should be welcome, I don’t know if that’s enough to make Brady back into the fantasy stud he usually is.  Marshawn Lynch has been up and down, and Andre Johnson is having injury problems once again.  The other thing hurting the Bears is the 49ers defense.  They spent a high draft pick on what they thought would be a great defensive squad and it has been so disappointing.  On the other side, the Wardens have been rolling with the Bengals defense and that is paying huge dividends.  Give me the Wardens.

Predicted Winner: Soldier’s Peak Wardens

Citadel Spectres (2-1)
Hoboken Dread Pirates (0-3)


Last week the Spectres traded for Victor Cruz and the Giants just had a terrible offensive day.  Yet despite that terrible performance, Spectres were still able to pull out a victory due to the great play of Drew Brees.  Imagine what happens when they can get Cruz back on track and on his high scoring ways.

Meanwhile, Chris and the Hoboken Dread Pirates are just having a bad start to the season with three straight losses.  Colin Kaepernick has been a huge disappointment, as has CJ Spiller who the team just traded for.  Calvin Johnson is great, but he just can’t carry this entire team by himself.

I’m going to side with myself and the Spectres, just because with Brees playing so well, it’s such a huge advantage in this matchup.  CJ Spiller could win it for the Dread Pirates, but even if he was completely healthy, which he’s not, Fred Jackson is stealing so many carries from Spiller that his value is going down.

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

NJ Fear Boners (2-1)
Lunaris Robunnys (2-1)


Both the Fear Boners and the Robunnys have had a great season thus far.  Yet at the end of this matchup, one of them is going to have a kind of mediocre opening, while the other is going to be firmly in the driver’s seat for making the playoffs.  Doesn’t seem fair, but that’s just the way schedule works out sometimes.

As I quickly look at this game, this just screams to me that the most important factor is going to be player matchups.  The Robunnys seem to have good ones, whereas the Boners have less favorable ones.  Dez Bryant vs the Chargers, Brandon Marshall vs the Lions, Knowshon Moreno vs the Eagles and even Heath Miller vs the Vikings all seem like the Robunnys are poised to score a ton of points.  Meanwhile for the Boners, Stafford doesn’t have a terrible matchup, but him going up against the stingy Bears defense isn’t great.  Chris Johnson vs the Jets isn’t great, and Owen Daniels vs the Seahawks is pretty much the worst.

This game will probably be very close and down to the wire, but right now I’m going to give the advantage to the Robunnys.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

The Besaid Aurochs (1-2)


Time to pick against Jimmy once again.

I said above about how I’m trying to learn from my mistakes.  Well for this game, fuck that.  I’m going to choose my wife over my best British friend.

In all seriousness though, the main reason why I’m doing this is because ARRGAN IISOU is missing two very important players for their team.  Without Aaron Rodgers and James Jones, I just don’t know if Jimmy and the pirates will be able to make up those points.  Meanwhile, The Aurochs have a really hot Jordon Cameron at tight end, and they should be getting back Gronk this week to play at FLEX.  That alone can swing the game, so I’m going to choose Besaid for this matchup.

Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

Mars Space Cowboys (0-3)
Cydonia Chryssalids (3-0)


The Cydonia Chryssalids have been consistent this season.  Always scoring over 100 points, and always winning.  That pickup of Jimmy Graham for them has been more than enough to put the team into the top of the league.  While the Mars Space Cowboys actually did change their roster and lineup last week, they still lost to the Spectres and only managed to score a measly 71 points.  That’s just not going to cut it against this high powered opponent.  I wish I could be more elaborate, but I just don’t think I need to.  Give me the Chryssalids.

Predicted Winner: Cydonia Chryssalids

Week 4 Spotlight Match

Hopped Up Titans (1-2)
Scottish Highlanders (2-1)


I have really been looking forward to this matchup all season.  The champion of season 2 the Hopped Up Titans vs our season 1 champion the Scottish Highlanders.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

While the Highlanders are coming in on a 1 game losing streak, it has nothing to do with Peyton Manning.  Manning has been the MVP of the league, both real life and Fantasy thus far, and there is no denying how big of an advantage he gives you.  In addition, the trade of Trent Richardson to the Colts now makes the Highlanders team much better.  Richardson is going to get so many more opportunities to score points, especially this week against a terrible Jaguars defense.  Julio Jones has been tearing up the league as of late, despite what I thought early in the season, and a great pickup of Joique Bell has made the team even more dangerous.  Doesn’t matter if Reggie Bush comes back from injury anytime soon, because Bell has been so good that he’ll still be a good RB2 / FLEX option.

Meanwhile on the side of the Hopped Up Titans, things haven’t been peachy.  The two 49er players, Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin, have been really dictating how this team goes.  In the first week, when those guys did great, the Titans won big.  The last two weeks when they have bombed, so has the Fantasy outlook for the Titans.  It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to two players, but it really has.  They really need big games from their star players: McCoy, Wilson, and Green specifically.

I would love to give this game to the Hopped Up Titans, and I think this will be a close match, but I have to give it to the Highlanders.  The difference?  AJ Green has a really hard matchup against a great Browns defense.  That is going to keep him in check and that will be enough to swing the match.  Give me the Highlanders.

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

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  1. I look forward to leading the league yet again after this week.

  2. As ever love the write up Joey 🙂

  3. I will not hear the end of this if Katie beats me and our projections are 1 point apart.

  4. Thank goodness I have Payton Manning!

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