Importance of Having & Blocking Options – 2013 g33kBowl Week 5 Predictions

Lots of bored Giants and Fantasy Football fans these daysIt is now Week 5, and for me personally, this is when I start to hit the doldrums of the Fantasy Football season.  I still pay attention to trends and what not, but I feel like at this point, you pretty much know what team you have.  Most of the trades at this point are done, and the majority of the good free agents have been snatched up.  For the next few weeks, all you need to do with your lineup is set it and forget it.

I’m not here to tell you that you should be paying more attention to your league, that you need to be obsessing over it just as much, if not more, than you did at the beginning of the season.  No, that would all be a bunch of shitty lies and I know that I definitely wouldn’t follow that advice.  The thing I am going to tell you is that you need to keep looking at the Waiver Wire, and you should aim to get at least 1 new player a week.  Why?  So glad you asked.

Be a junkie, always search that Waiver WireFree agent pickups are what make your team viable.  If you ignore the waiver wire, then you really hurt yourself in the long run.  Picking up, or having a player that breaks out on your bench, allows you to have a better trade asset, or a viable backup in case one of your main starters has a bye week or an injury.  In addition, if you pick up a lot of players, you can block your opponents from getting that player and hurt their chances in any given week.  Even if you never use a particular player, blocking them from being used against you is a solid strategy.

Don't miss out on the next Julius Thomas on the wire!Also be sure to pay attention to players that may not be at the top of the Waiver Wire, but also look at players in the middle of the first page.  Players that have been consistent and unspectacular may have potential to be used later on in the year.  Perhaps they are the backup to a much better player, but what if they got a chance to have an increased workload because of an injury or because their team is out of the playoff hunt?  You want those players that are a bit obscure who are fighting for their next contract or starting job.  It’s not always who scored double digit points in the previous week that you want to get.  Sometimes you need to get the guy who is just waiting for his chance to shine.

Joey V 2013 Prediction Record: (10-14)

Week 5 Matchups

Zombie Black Bears (1-3)
Citadel Spectres (3-1)


In g33kBowl, and in my own personal league, I must face off against the formidable opponent that is Kristen.  Truth be told, she has a great chance to kick my ass in both leagues this weekend.  Will that happen?  I’m actually not so sure!

Last week, the Black Bears finally got a win on the board, due to their star players finally all playing like it.  Brady, Lynch, Johnson, Powell and the 49ers Defense all finally played like they had a pair and were able to lead the Bears to victory.  The Spectres on the other hand had a few duds last week (Bernard Pierce, Ray Rice, and Brandon Myers combined to score 1 point), but with huge weeks from Drew Brees, Darren Sproles and Victor Cruz, the Spectres won.  So what happens this week?

I’m going to give this week to the Spectres, because I think Ray Rice is healthy and the team should realize that they need to be able to run the ball in order to win.  Without Rice, the Ravens are going nowhere, so I expect a big game from him against a Dolphins team that is struggling to defend the rush.  Other than that, I think all the other players are pretty much a wash and will play evenly, so it all factors to Rice.  I am betting that he has a good week.

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

Hoboken Dread Pirates (0-4)
Mars Space Cowboys (1-3)


The rivalry between Chris and Pedro is well established.  It goes back decades at this point, and this weekend they fight for bragging rights.  Who shall win?  I’m leaning towards the Space Cowboys.

We had no idea that the pickup of Colin Kaepernick and the trade for CJ Spiller was going to hobble the Dread Pirates so much.  Those two pillars of the team who should be outscoring the competition are just playing terribly.  Chris and the Pirates could deal with it if they were being average, but those players aren’t even being that.  It puts a ton of pressure for Calvin Johnson and DeMarco Murray to score a ton and that’s just rough to always count on.

Meanwhile Pedro and the Space Cowboys are actually flying high as of late.  The pickup of the Chiefs defense has been a stellar addition, and the combo of Fred Jackson and Arian Foster at RB is proving to be deadly.  In addition, looks like Pedro gets to use Danny Amendola this week, which should mean a ton of points and then Amendola will get injured again.  I’m hoping to be wrong and the Dread Pirates put up a good fight, but I don’t see it.

Predicted Winner: Mars Space Cowboys

Lunaris Robunnys (3-1)
Hopped Up Titans (1-3)


The Robunnys are having an amazing season thus far.  After a brief stumble in Week 3, they came back and pulled out a well earned victory in Week 4 to bring them to 3-1 overall.  Meanwhile the defending champion Hopped Up Titans are struggling to find some consistency.  After a Week 1 blowout, they have dropped three straight and the fear of missing the playoffs seems very real.

Yet I see a Titans upset this weekend.  The main reason being that the New York Giants are terrible, and this week they play the Eagles.  With the Titans having Michael vick and LeSean McCoy, I feel like both of those players are in for a very big week.  Those big performances should propel the team into a victory!

In order for the Robunnys to pull this out, they are going to need a big performance from Brandon Marshall against the Saints, which isn’t as easy to do as it was last year.  All the other players should do just fine, with some average games, but Masrhall needs to show up big.  I don’t see it happening though, because of my deep love of the Saints, so give me the Hopped Up Titans

Predicted Winner: Hopped Up Titans

NJ Fear Boners (2-2)


Will I pick against Jimmy this week, like I always do?  No I won’t, because last week I picked against him and he lost.  He’s supposed to win when I pick against him!  Gah, some people.

In all seriousness though, I actually have to pick against Jimmy this time around.  While Jimmy and ARRGAN IISOU have Aaron Rodgers & James Jones coming back, the receiving core of the NJ Fear Boners and Matthew Stafford are just too strong this year.  Demaryius Thomas is a beast, and Torrey Smith has been consistent this year, with flashes of brilliance.  Add in the fact that Darren McFadden is likely to be out for IISOU, and you have a recipe for a loss.  Sometimes you just have a gut feeling about a game, and this is one where I just don’t see Jimmy winning.

Predicted Winner: NJ Fear Boners

Scottish Highlanders (3-1)
Cydonia Chryssalids (3-1)


Did Paul and the Cydonia Chrysalids peak too early?  Did they talk too much smack and the karma G-ds of Fantasy are now extracting their revenge?  Are they destined for a two game losing streak?  Only time may tell!

The Chryssalids fell last week to the Space Cowboys, but still managed to score 96 points.  I get concerned when a team has a really bad week in a loss, but when a team does well in defeat, I’m still likely to believe in them.  Reggie Bush came back healthy last week and looked dominant, but not as dominant as Jimmy Graham who is putting up stellar numbers.  Randall Cobb comes back from his Bye Week, so the Chryssalids are poised to get back to the winning ways.

I’m going to pick against the Highlanders this week, but just know that I don’t feel good about it.  Peyton Manning has been the best player in every aspect this year.  He is torching defenses and putting up numbers that seem more appropriate for a game of the Madden video game rather than real life football.  Manning is a huge wildcard, and someone that can win this entire matchup by himself even with below average output from the rest of the Highlander players.  The biggest factor that had me feel off was the fact that Trent Richardson has to go play the Seahawk defense this weekend.  I don’t anticipate that he’ll have a great week and that could make all the difference.  In addition, the Jets are a bad team, but they can still sometimes shut down good wide receivers, so Julio Jones having a big week isn’t a foregone conclusion.

This matchup may come down the wire, but I still think the Chryssalids eek out a victory here.

Predicted Winner: Cydonia Chryssalids

Week 5 Spotlight Match

Soldier’s Peak Wardens (2-2)
The Besaid Aurochs (2-2)


Two teams enter at 2-2.  Only one may leave at 3-2.  These are the rules.  WHO RUN BARTERTOWN?!

OK now that I got that bit of 80s nostalgia out of me, let’s see who wins this matchup.

Both teams really need a victory.  It’s been an up and down season for both, and this could very well be a defining point in the season where one rides the success to the playoffs, whereas the other flounders the rest of the way.

On paper this looks like a slam dunk for the Soldier’s Peak Wardens.  Adrian Peterson is out for the Aurochs and that will severely hamper Katie’s team.  She has gotten nothing out of Roddy White all year, Darryl Richardson is likely to lose his starting RB job and RG3 has been a mess.  Meanwhile Mike and the Wardens have studs on the team like Cam Newton, Jamaal Charles, Reggie Wayne and Josh Gordon.

So what makes me think this game will be close?  Would you imagine it is because of a pair of Tight Ends?  This could very well be the week that Rob Gronkowski comes back to action.  If he does, he should be in store for a huge game.  Add in that Katie has Jordon Cameron who seems to always find himself in the end zone for a touchdown, and newly signed Tony Romo (who the Space Cowboys just dropped for no reason) to bolster the QB position.  In addition, DeSean Jackson always, and I mean always, torches the Giants.

I would like to do some sort of programming, where IF Gronkowski plays, I pick the Aurochs, ELSE I pick the Wardens.  Alas, that is the lame way out so I must predict.  I think that Gronkowski DOES play, and he helps lead the upset and the Aurochs win.

Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

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  1. The other reason I will win this week is because I need a win.

    I was SO CLOSE last week. 10 seconds of game going differently and I would have been 2 and 2.


  3. Waiver wire ftw 😉

  4. Joey can we blame you for Vick getting injured what with you predicting his big week and all?

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