g33kBowl Week 3 Predictions

Well it was certainly an interesting Week 2.  Lots of players got injured and lost for the season, and we ended up with a lot of 1-1 teams here in the g33kBowl league.  We had a trade that sent Tony Romo to the Citadel Spectres for Reggie Bush and Deion Branch going to the Zombie Black Bears.  The trade is making both teams look pretty scary overall.  What was interesting is that overall Week 1 didn’t much resemble Week 2.  This makes Week 3 exceedingly important because after this set of games, we’ll start to see what teams are good and which need some help.

This is also the time that trades will start to ramp up and each team will start to fill in gaps and holes.  Not to be confused with Boats ‘N Hoes of course.  So while this week can’t make or break a team, it can certainly solidify what kind of course a team should be set on.

Based on how popular my LOST reference was from last week, I tried for awhile today to think of a reference that would help illustrate just how important of a crossroads week this is going to be.  It was a little bit of a difficult choice but then I started to think of not shows / movies, but rather music that could convey that feeling.  What better than Kenny Rodgers and The Gambler.  I mean everytime you start a player and sit another, you are gambling.  You just need to try and put yourself into the best possibly position to win, and hope for the best.  As the legendary man once said;

Now every gambler knows the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away
And knowin’ what to keep
‘Cause every hand’s a winner
And every hand’s a loser

Kenny Rodgers, in my eyes the spokesperson for Fantasy Sports until the end of days.  Granted the way we are going the end of days may be next week, but it doesn’t matter.  For now, we just continue along gambling and hoping for the best here in Week 3!

Prediction Record: (5-9)

Week 3 Matchups

Scottish Highlanders (1-1)
Zombie Black Bears (1-1)

What a terrible turn of luck for the Scottish Highlanders and their General Manager Majikman.  After choosing Jaamal Charles with his first overall pick, Charles is now out for the season.  It’s crushing blow that really puts Majik behind the eight ball so to speak.  He does have a lot of things going for him, great WR play in Calvin and Steve Johnson (no relation), and elite QB play from Matthew Stafford.

On the other end of the field though, you get a feeling like the Black Bears are really angered by their loss to the Space Cowboys.  In the absence of RB Steven Jackson, Eco made a trade with the Citadel Spectres sending not used Tony Romo over for Deion Branch and Reggie Bush.  Branch panned out in Week 2, but Bush didn’t.  Thankfully it seems that Jackson is coming back to active duty this week.  Pair that up with the monster season that Tom Brady, and the resurgence that Jermey Maclin is having, and Eco may be ready for better days ahead.

We wanted to give a vote to the Highlanders here, but Brady is just too strong right now and he tips the scales.

Predicted Winner: Zombie Black Bears

The Besaid Aurochs (1-1)
Hoboken Dread Pirates (0-2)

The battle of Joey V’s Wife vs his Best Man (The Better Man!) comes to you this week.  Chris aka Gunshow of the Dread Pirates is having a frustrating start to the season.  Chris Johnson has been slow to produce with the Titans, Miles Austin is now injured, and with DeSean Jackson has been inconsistent to say the least.  He hasn’t had any terrible games, but the up and down nature of his players is making life really difficult here in the g33kBowl.

Katie V and the rest of the Besaid Aurochs last week made a statement win.  That statement was of course “We aren’t that bad”.  After a low scoring Week 1, the Aurochs came back to go over 90 in Week 2 and squeak out a win against Team Caporrino.

This is a tough game to call but we’re going to stick with our guns and predict that the Dread Pirates end their losing streak and win.  Chris Johnson has now had two weeks to get back into shape, and the Titans are going against a terrible Denver team and that should give the Gunshow a slight edge when the horn sounds.

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Lunaris Robunnys (2-0)
NJ Fear Boners (1-1)

The fight of g33kWatch Podcasting personalities is going to be a bloody one.  Who knows what the outcome could be?!The Robunnys are working on an undefeated start and unlike the other undefeated team over on the Citadel, the Robunnys are winning in grand fashion.  The list of playmakers on his team from Peterson, Rivers, Jackson and Janikowski is really impressive to see in a 14 Team League.

The Fear Boners on the other hand had a spot of bad luck in the first week but bounced back big time in Week 2.  Even with Michael Vick getting injured half way through his game, the Boners were still dishing out a ton of great points Jahvid Best, Tim Hightower, Larry Fitzgerald, and Santonio Holmes.

Just in big name players alone we know that this is going to be a great week for both teams.  We’re expecting a high scoring, close game that goes down to the wire.  It’s the uncertainty around Michael Vick that has us spooked though, so we’re going to give the slight edge to the Robunnys to continue their undefeated streak.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Team Malfunct (1-1)
Mars Space Cowboys (1-1)

Malfunct is having a rough go with this whole Fantasy Football thing.  On the upside though he is still 1-1 overall this week, and he has a desire to keep learning and to keep powering through.  There are also a few trades lined up that will hopefully give his team a bit more firepower to work with!

The Space Cowboys on the other hand have handled the insults of Joey V pretty well.  First week they lost to the Spectres by a single point, so no shame there.  Then they go out and beat the Zombie Black Bears even after Joey V picked the Cowboys to lose.  He’s playing well and should be primed to win this week’s matchup.  We hope that Malfunct can make a few trades and get primed for the rest of the season, but based on what we see right now on his team, we’re throwing our lot in with the Space Cowboys.

Predicted Winner: Mars Space Cowboys

Team Caporrino (1-1)

Caporrino is doing pretty well score wise this year, despite a small slip up against the Aurochs last week.  Cappy only lost by three points in Week 2 and so we can’t read too much into her loss.  That being said there is a large number of injured players who are now on her bench, meaning that her lack of depth is going to soon come into question.  If even just one small injury takes place, she may be in serious trouble for the rest of the year.On the other side though, Drakmarth and the pirates of ARRGAN IISOU are riding high after a convincing win last week.  Upon looking at the team though, Drak has a huge reliance on Matt Schaub at QB and his one-two RB punch of Michael Turner and LeSean McCoy.  Granted those are some great players to rely on, but if anything happens down the road that may be a problem for the rest of the season as his WR’s are just not great enough to carry the team, especially with injuries to Dez Bryant.

That all being said, those players aren’t injured yet, so we’re giving the edge to Jimmy aka Drakmarth.

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

English Kniggits (0-2)
Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s (1-1)

It has been a rough two weeks for Soah and the English Kniggits as Arian Foster just hasn’t been able to play effectively.  That has been a really sore spot for scoring and the Kniggits have been trying to fill the gap since the beginning of the season.  Foster is unlikely to go again this week so that is a mighty blow.The Thresher Maw’s on the other hand came back to earth last week after their stunning Week 1 performance.  The Maw’s didn’t play badly, but the average performance from the team was not enough to make it past a strong effort by the Robunnys.

Will the Kniggits put everything together for the week?  Will the Maw’s continue to spiral downward?  We don’t know for sure but right now the early thoughts are that the Maw’s have the potential to get some good points in.  The Kniggits will have to play a near perfect game with almost no room for error.  Right now we’re leaning towards the Threshers.

Predicted Winner: Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s

Week 2 Spotlight Match

Citadel Spectres (2-0)
Binary Rock-Jocks (1-1)

So there Joey V was, just minding his own business on Twitter.  All he wanted to do was talk to his wonderful online friends.  And then came Binary, talking some shit!To be fair, Binary had a very convincing performance last week and has every right to be confident coming into this matchup.  The strength of the Rock-Jocks team is definitely Running Back and they all came out to play last week, all posting high double digit games.  Not to mention that the Wide Receivers Binary chose last week broke out and had a fantastic game for him.

Joey V on the other hand has not only been picking against himself the past two weeks, but he’s been playing very consistent Fantasy Football.  His well constructed team is averaging him just about 100 points a game and because of that he always has the potential to win.Looking on paper this game has the potential to go down to the very last player and be decided by a single point.  Yet at the same time it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see a game in which one of the teams blows out the other.  We just don’t know what we are going to get this week, but no matter what, it should be an exciting outcome.  We’re going to give the slight edge to the Spectres just because he has been a bit more consistent in scoring, and he has Rashard Mendenhall going up against the terrible Indy Defense, and Andre Johnson against a porous New Orleans Defense and those could swing the tide.

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

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  1. Mike Tolbert and Steven Jackson are both looking like gametime decisions, and I don’t have comfortable backups for either. I might end up throwing Plexiglass in the flex spot, but it’s likely I’m going to have a 0-point running back in my lineup. This is the least optimistic I’ve been so far.

  2. I still believe in the Zombies, but yeah there are a lot of teams that are looking really thin right now

  3. I’m thankfully not doing too badly, but as I look back at my draft every now and then, I realize that I could have been in SUCH a better place if I had thought about some decisions JUST a little more. I was so stupid for picking Manning over Brees or Rivers without looking at their info (where I might have discovered Peyton’s injury), and making CJ Spiller my 4th pick was a HORRIBLE error on my part.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes their first draft. I took a Defense with my second or third pick my first time out and I got slaughtered because I just didn’t have the necessary players after that. You learn the first year, and then you get smarter as you go along. Not a big deal, you can still turn around your season, your team has potential!

  5. It’s particularly difficult with a 14-team league, because the pickings are just SO slim by halfway through the draft, whereas in a smaller league, you might be able to grab a decent guy out of free agency later and not have to worry about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s great to have this many people involved, it just notches up the difficulty to Hardcore.

  6. Joe, seriously, pick against me every week, its doing wonders for my team

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