g33kBowl Week 1 Predictions

Every week we here at g33kWatch will talk about the g33kBowl Legendary Championship League and the committee of one (Joey V) will go through each matchup and highlight what he thinks will happen.  We will also spotlight one game each week that we think will be interesting in some fashion.  If you would like to keep up to date on the scores, you can click on the link above and watch the league get updated as it is a public league.

Before we begin though with the predictions and commentary, let me talk a little bit about the draft.  For a lot of our fans and friends, this is their first foray into Fantasy Football.  I don’t think I’m lying when I say that this is a very difficult way to start off because in the end we had 14 teams in the league overall.  An average league is 8-10 teams, and the differences between how the drafts go are pretty severe.  Obviously with more people, it means that the actual act of drafting teams takes a lot longer.  In addition though the more teams you have, the more players that you need to draft and by the end of the event, you are picking up a lot of no-name guys or individuals who just aren’t well known.

The more people in the league mean that it’s exceedingly difficult to get a team that is overpowered and stockpiled with superstar players.  This is good in a way in that it makes it fair overall, but it also means that you have to do a lot more homework to find those diamond in the rough players.  The guys who no one knows about, but have the potential to break out and have a great year.

So to all of our new players this year I want to thank you all for drafting, and if you feel like you had a tough time drafting, don’t worry about it because everyone did.  Another thing to remember is that it’s early in the season and right now we don’t know who the best players are.  Right now it’s all just speculation, and it’s going to take a few weeks before we have a solid idea of top tier players and what not.  So for right now, keep your head up and enjoy some football!

Now, we bring you the regularly scheduled bad jokes about Fantasy Football.

Week 1 Matchups

Hoboken Dread Pirates
Team Caporrino
  • Great Starting Lineup Wide Receivers with Miles Austin, Desean Jackson and Wes Welker
  • Fantastic Running Back duo of Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene
  • Solid backup Wide Receivers
  • Ray Rice is a stud Running Back and she’s got him!  DeAngelo Williams is a great secondary runner as well
  • Her Wide Receivers of Brandon Llyod, Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt aren’t household names, but they put up great points
  • Josh Freeman at Quarterback is super solid
  • Absolutely no Running Back depth.  If either of his stud RB’s go down, he will have to scramble to pick another up.
  • Sam Bradford at Quarterback isn’t terrible, but he is only a second year player and may struggle in some games
  • Doesn’t have the best backup Wide Receivers and that may hurt if her main crew don’t perform immediately.
  • Some decent backup Running Backs but both James Starks and LaDainian Tomlinson are both in time share situations

On paper, if you look at the Dread Pirates you are simply amazed at how the Gunshow got such top tier players in his starting lineup.  I mean it’s really scary to look at, but at the same time he did give up a lot to get such a solid core of WR’s and RB’s.  His QB situation is ok but not the best, and he is average at Tight End.  Of course none of that should matter, his stud players should pick up for the rest.  The most dangerous thing for the Pirates going forward is going to be health.  The bench has some decent WR’s but almost no backup RB’s and that could prove to be a disaster later on in the season.  Also Chris Johnson just ended his hold out and you have to be fearful that he’s not in playing shape yet.Caporrino on the other hand doesn’t have a sexy looking team on paper.  Most of the names on there the casual football fan won’t even recognize.  What she has going for her is that these players are sneaky good, and always find a way to put up points.  They won’t make highlight reels on ESPN, but they just produce and in Fantasy Football that’s all we care about.  Her bench is the same wayIn the end, it’s Week 1 and I believe the superstars that the Dread Pirates have will be enough to carry it as those top tier players should be focal points this weekend.

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Citadel Spectres
Mars Space Cowboys
  • Solid RB and WR players who can really score points including Andre Johnson
  • Great bench with lots of options
  • Fantastic starting lineup with great options at RB and WR.
  • Doesn’t have the best Quarterback, and that QB is injured …
  • Bench may be a little thin and might come back to bite him.

The interesting thing about this matchup, is that in the g33kWatch personal league, these same two players are playing against each other in Week 1.  That is TWO times the ability to talk smack against each other.As with anything, on paper this looks like an even matchup, and it’s probably going to be a very close one that goes down to the wire.  That being said even though I want to be biased and say that the Spectres will roll over the Space Cowboys, there are a few things going against Joey V.  #1, Joey V does not do well in the first week of Fantasy Football, it’s just a proven fact.  #2 while he has solid players, that QB of Matt Cassel is something that might come back to haunt him.The Space Cowboys have a solid team in this league and are looking strong to make a deep run so we have to give the advantage to them in this matchup.  In the other league though, the Raid Boss is going to lose!

Predicted Winner: Mars Space Cowboys

Zombie Black Bears
  • Can’t go wrong with Tom Brady and Stephen Jackson.  Well you can but you usually don’t
  • Has Tony Romo as a backup QB which can be great for trade bait
  • Great RB duo in Michael Turner and LeSean McCoy
  • Solid WRs with upside in Michael Williams of Tampa Bay and Dez Bryant
  • Has 3 QBs & 3 TEs on the roster which is taking up space from other RBs and WRs
  • Flex position might be an issue all season long

Jimmy aka Drakmarth aka Jimmy really wanted a lot when the draft happened.  He wanted to draft very specific players and everytime he was just about to draft them, someone else would come in and snag that particular player.  Despite all of that, he actually ended up with what I believe to be a really great team.Eco on the other hand and the Zombie Black Bears, are a wildcard team because you know that she will do some damage to you.  She has some high potential players in Tom Brady, Stephen Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, but the rest of the team can be weak.  Eco has overloaded on QB and TE which is great for trade bait, but for Week 1 it might come back to haunt her not having enough options at RB and WR.

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

Scottish Highlanders
English Kniggits
  • Matt Ryan is super consistent and will give great performances all year
  • Jamaal Charles and Calvin Johnson give big play ability at any moment
  • When healthy, Arian Foster is one of the best RBs in the entire league
  • Jason Witten at TE is a great option
  • Cedric Benson as the #2 RB and a lack of a reliable flex option
  • Rickey Williams as #2 RB will be very inconsistent
  • Could use more depth at WR

If you look at this matchup on paper, the common sense is to say that the Highlanders, led by the enthusiastic Majikman would be the obvious choice.  Yet Fantasy Football isn’t always like that and Soah and the rest of the Kniggits have some great things going for them.  Big Ben at QB has the ability to score a ton of points through the air with the many different options he has available.  Arian Foster may very well silence his critics and have a huge week 1 against a terrible Colts defense.The potential is there for a big week, but I feel like the Highlanders will ultimately have a more consistent team in terms of points scored.  So it is with that that I’m going to go with the safe bet because I’m a coward and simply can’t go out on a limb, at least not this week.

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

The Besaid Aurochs
Team Malfunct
  • Roddy White and Mike Wallace at WR make for a deadly combination
  • If he can stay healthy, Frank Gore can be a steal
  • With Aaron Rodgers at QB, Malfunct is never out of a game
  • Jay Cutler as the #1 QB on this team is frightening considering his fumble / interception rate
  • Needs a better #2 RB / Flex option as currently a bit inconsistent
  • His hometown pride of drafting many Seahawk players may blow up in his face

Malfunct is a resident of Washington state and as such it makes sense that he would have an affinity for Seattle Seahawk players.  His team has a good chunk of Seahawks, and also Packers so that can certainly be a good thing.  Also, as a Saints fan, I personally have to say that since Malfunct’s Seahawks beat my boys last year in the playoffs that the team must be pretty solid.On the other hand, the Seahawks beat my team in embarrassing fashion so therefore I am pissed off and will have to bet against Malfunct this week.  Add on top of that, Katie and the Aurochs have amazing Wide Receiver play.  Jay Cutler will throw a ton of interceptions, but not enough to get Malfunct back into the game.  I am being super biased this week and betting against Malfuct.  Sorry buddy  =)

Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

Lunaris Robunnys
Binary Rock-Jocks
  • Philip Rivers and Adrian Peterson … boom
  • WRs have high upside and breakout potential
  • Antonio Gates is still one of the best TEs in the league
  • WRs may have upside, but they are both in high octane offenses and may be inconsistent
  • Peyton Manning’s injury is devastating early in the season.

To be 100% honest I was originally going to go with Binary to win this game as my upset special of the week.  Unfortunately for him, the injury to Peyton Manning really messed up the flow of his team.  If Peyton wasn’t injured, we would be looking at a much more consistent team.

Consistent is what Lunaris Robunnys might be missing this year.  The names on the team are all great stars for their teams, but other than Peterson and Rivers, the other players are mostly on teams that spread the ball around.  That means that the Bunnys may be in for some off weeks.

Generally though for Week 1 I go with names I know will make an impact and with one of the major stars of the Rock-Jocks out of commission, I have to pick the bunnys this week.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Week 1 Spotlight Match

NJ Fear Boners
Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s
  • Michael Vick … enough said!
  • Solid Wide Receivers who are consistent and have breakout potential
  • Really love the Drew Brees QB, Jones-Drew / Bradshaw RB combo
  • Shows support for his local Arizona Cardinals by having Kevin Kolb as a good backup
  • Michael Vick is exciting, but also a huge injury risk
  • Jahvid Best at RB has upside, but does get injured often
  • Not a lot of WR depth
  • Wide Receiving corps are a little thin

This is a very tough matchup to call.  Both teams have stud QB’s, this can’t be argued.  The Fear Boners have the better WR’s, but the Threshers have the better RB’s so it kind of evens out.  I could talk about long terms concerns about benches and injury risks and all that crap but in Week 1 it’s all down to which players will be better.  I honestly can’t give you a definitive answer so I’ll just go with my gut and to me it can be summed up in the Quarterback battle.Michael Vick is going up against a young but talented St. Louis Ram squad with a defensive minded head coach.  Unlike other people though, that doesn’t scare me and I think the Eagles are going to rip up the Rams offensively with Vick leading the way.  Brees on the other hand has to play against the defending champion Green Bay Packers on the road opening night.  I think Brees will have a good game, but not as good as Vick.  Therefore, advantage Boners.

Predicted Winner: NJ Fear Boners

Joseph Valenti

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  1. I didn’t pay enough attention to what spots we were drafting for. Both my other leagues have an OP slot instead of the RB/WR slot, which is why I drafted a second QB so early. I’m not too worried about it, though.


    Now here we are Week 1 and we’re facing off, will all those players you stole from me pay off or will my dropping three injured players two nights ago for new blood keep me afloat? All I know is my Flex position may be off, but my Flex Check is at record highs!

  3. Therefore, advantage Boners. ’nuff said

    If anyone is in need of advice or just wants to talk about their matchups, hit me up, I’m always available to help out the newbies or just talk about football!

  4. This will be an interesting week. I fully expect to get 90% of my predictions wrong. Good Luck everyone!

  5. DAMN YOU PEYTON MANNING!!!!!!!!!!!! When I drafted Peyton, Brees, Rivers, and Romo were still available…

    but NOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to go AGAINST the Draft Day Manifesto and go with Peyton Manning instead.


  6. I am just happy to have gone against the predictions and not lose my first week 🙂

  7. Man my predictions were way off. Week 1 though is crazy so now I’ll get every single one right. =P That was sarcasm of course =)

  8. Well I lost, I can’t believe Flacco managed to screw me by benching 20 points while my safe bet crapped all over my score.

    Still despite that one error I couldn’t have won anyway, not with Brady rolling out 30 something points.

  9. No one could have guessed Brady and Welker would have scored that many points in one game. That generally doesn’t happen but wow!

  10. I still remember when Tom Brady got knocked out for the season on the second play of the first game. Last night was a lot better =P

  11. What… the… shit…

    this week was terrible… the boners were flacid. Week 2 is a different story

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