g33kBowl Playoffs | Week 14-15 Predictions

Well everyone, it’s Playoff season here in Fantasy Football!  What does that mean exactly?  Well it changes some things up as I will attempt to explain right now.

Fantasy Playoffs in the g33kBowl work the following way.  The top 4 teams are brought into the playoffs and they face off.  #1 against #4, and then #2 versus #3.  The winners of those matches will face each other for the championship, and the losers will face off to determine 3rd and 4th place.  The interesting thing about this is that by default, Fantasy Football gives you TWO weeks for each matchup.  Why do they do this?  They do this because they don’t want you to have worked super hard all year to have one bad week and then lose.  The second week gives you a chance to recover from a bad week, or to build up enough of a lead so that you can afford to have a bad week.

That’s a pretty crazy change don’t you think?!

In addition to that, all of the other players in the league are still going.  Right now they are playing for pride.  To me this is a good thing.  I would hate to make it all the way to a season and then be told that I wasn’t good enough and now I don’t get to play for the last 4 weeks of the season.  Sure I didn’t make the playoffs, but at least I get to fight for something.  Get to potentially move up in the final rankings.  That to me is important.

What follows down below is my predictions for the matchups.  I am taking both week 14 and 15 of the NFL season into account.  Next week I will check in on the scores, and also talk about other Fantasy Sport Games and the advantages / disadvantages of them.  Until then, enjoy the Fantasy Playoffs!  =)

Joey V Prediction Record: (44-33)
Majikman Prediction Record: (4-2-1)

Playoffs Week 1 Matchups (Weeks 14-15)

Scottish Highlanders (7-6)
Citadel Spectres (11-2)

With two weeks for each matchup, it’s very difficult to get a gauage on who will win any particular game. Afterall, even if you get clobbered one week, you can come back strong the next. The #1 Ranked Citadel Spectres lead by their Charismatic Guy, Joey V are obviously a favorite to win it all, but in the playoffs anything can happen. While the Spectres obviously have a great lineupe with Cam Newton, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith and the 49ers Defense just to name a few. That being said there are three major players on the side of Majikman and the Highlanders that can ruin a great season thus far. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and CJ Spiller. Yeah I said CJ Spiller. With him filling in with previous RB stud Fred Jackson, there are a lot of points there to potentially get. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Highlanders win this, but the Spectres have been so consistent all year that we have to side with them.

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s (11-2)

In the middle of the season, both of these teams were known for very high scoring games. As the season went on though, Terry and the Thresher Maw’s really started to hit their stride and ended the season with a huge statement victory scoring over 130 points. On the other hand Jimmy and the pirates of ARRGAN IISOU really started to slow down. Injuries to key playes, along with untimely bad weeks from others really made it so that Jimmy limped into the playoffs. He’s still in the playoffs though and that’s what really matters. Lookinga at the projections for both times, the matchup is destined for a super close, down to the wire finish. My gut is telling me that ARRGAN IISOU might pull off the upset, just because a lot of his players are starting to get healthy and are on real life teams that are fighting to get into the playoffs. I feel as though some key players on the Threser Maw’s don’t have a lot to play for, and are still battling injuries. It’s a gut call, but give me the pirates!

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

Playoffs Consolation Matches (Weeks 14-15)

Team Caporrino (6-7)
Zombie Black Bears (6-7)

Just like Ray Rice, Cappy and Team Caporrino has been up and down all year. Just woefully inconsistent throughout. Then again, the same thing can be said about Kristen and the vicious Zombie Black Bears. Both teams ended at 6 wins for the year and outside of the playoffs. For the next two weeks they are going to fight it out and right now I have money on the Zombie Black Bears. I think the team is more solid and at least for right now, the Patriots are going to keep playing Brady and when that is happenign, I will always side with that team.

Predicted Winner: Zombie Black Bears

NJ Fear Boners (4-8-1)
Hoboken Dread Pirates (5-8)

These two teams just played last week. This time around, they are going to play for two more weeks straight! So what else can I say that I didn’t say last week? No idea. The plus side for the Fear Boners is that it looks like Michael Vick is coming back and that will be a huge boon for them. That being said though, the rest of that time, minus Larry Fitzgerald, doesn’t scare you. At least for the Dread Pirates, they have the big play ability of DeSean Jackson and Wes Welker to hopefully give them the advantage. While Jackson may be in a contract dispute right now, I think he’ll throw in a good game or two just to remind people he is worth the money. I’m going with the Dread Pirates!

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Team Malfunct (3-9-1)
English Kniggits (4-9)

For both Malfunct and Soah, this was their very first year playing Fantasty Football. I think they did a good job all things considered. I also think that if Soah could get a full year out of Arian Foster, he would have had a way better record. That being said for the next two weeks, Team Malfunct and the English Kniggits will fight it out. Malfunct may have the best player on the planet right now in Aaron Rodgers, but the Kniggits have Big Ben, Foster and Darren Sproles bolstering the team. We’re going to give it to the Kniggits, but we’re super excited to see both teams rock the league next year!

Predicted Winner: English Kniggits

Mars Space Cowboys (4-6)
The Besaid Aurochs (5-7)

These crafty veterans couldn’t eek out a spot int the Playoffs this year, but they still know what they are doing. That being said, Pedro and the Mars Space Cowboys have been ravaged by injured. The Aurochs though, while wildly inconsistent the entire season, have a way more complete team. Not to mention that they currently are ride the Willis McGahee popular train that is infecting all of Denver. I think that’s the biggest difference, as McGahee and the Broncos fight to get into the playoffs and make Tim Tebow look amazing.

Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

Lunaris Robunnys (7-6)
Binary Rock-Jocks (7-6)

Yogi and the Lunaris Robunnys were IN the playoffs until they had a massive collapse last week. They have all of the talent in the world right there at their fingertips, but alas; games are not played on talent and on paper. Binary and the Rock-Jocks, won last week and tried to get in just one last time. Both teams are evently matched, but I’m going to side with the Rock-Jocks to come out of this two week set. Why? Tim Tebow really makes me believe that the Broncos are going to make the playoffs. While Tebow won’t be the main reason they get there, he’ll be a part and I think that will be enough the next two weeks to give him the “W”.

Predicted Winner: Team Malfunct

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  1. I love that I am predicted to win the matchup between Lunaris Robunnys and Binary Rock-Jocks. Sounds like a really long shot to me.

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