Final Round. Fight! – g33kBowl Week 16 & 17 Predictions

Fantasy Football leads to some silly trohpiesHere it is.  The final round of the 2012 g33kBowl Fantasy Football league.  Everyone get hyped!

Seriously though, this is going to be a really epic matchup.

For the second year in a row, we have a website staff member playing against a website fan, and that is the best result that I could possibly think of.  Having one of our own in there, shows that we aren’t just blowing smoke out of our ass (most of the time), and that we actually know what we are doing in Fantasy.  Having a fan in there, especially someone like Malfunct who didn’t start playing until last year, shows that some of our advice can pay off and lead to victory.

You would think that playing in the championship rounds would be easy.  It actually is a little bit more difficult, because of how the scheduling works.  The advantage of doing two weeks per matchup, is that you have more time to makeup points if a flukey thing were to happen.  You want to say that your team was beat fair and square, not because of some random player scoring 65 points and swinging the entire season.  The downside to this method though, is that you have to start players for Week 17, the final week of the NFL regular season.

Going to be a lot of bored Patriots players in Week 17Often times, the players that got you to the championship round, will not be useful in that Week 17 matchup.  For teams that are fighting to make it into the playoffs, like the Giants, Cowboys, Vikings, and Bears, they will be starting all of their normal people on Week 17.  They need their best to even get in.  Yet what do you do with players from the Texans, Broncos, Falcons and Patriots?  It is entirely possible and even likely, that those teams will know exactly what rank they will be going into the playoffs, and choose to bench all of their starters.  That could really screw you over if you were banking on performances from Arian Foster, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Roddy White.

Because that is a possibility, teams that are in the championship round need to make sure that they have a stellar Week 16, to allow for some mistakes to happen in Week 17.  They also need to pay a lot more attention to the waiver wire to try and pick up players on playoff bubble teams, or players on bad teams who will be playing for next year or maybe even a contract.  Those little known players, the ones that would never get started in Fantasy under normal circumstances, can and will determine the league.  They always do.

I will be doing a wrap up post in two weeks about the league, so I will say all of my good byes, thanks, and offer up interesting stats at that point.  The only thing I must remind you of this week is, Detroit & Atlanta play on Saturday night.  Set your lineups before Saturday!

Joey V Overall Prediction Record: (48-21-1)
Joey V Playoff Record: (4-3)
Paul F Prediction Record: (4-9-1)

Championship Matchup Weeks 16-17

Hoboken Dread Pirates
Hopped Up Titans


It goes without saying, but this is going to be a very close matchup.  Thankfully for Malfunct and the Hopped Up Titans, RG3 is back in the lineup with a matchup against the terrible Philadelphia Eagles this week.  That certainly bodes well for him, as does the re-emergence of DeAngelo Williams as a reliable scorer.  Brandon Marshall has been one of the stars of the Fantasy season this year, and with the Bears fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, expect him to continue to produce numbers.  Sure he’s a great players, but Marshall is also the only person that the Bears throw to, so even a bad game from him would still be fantastic.  Some problem areas for the Titans will be what they get out of Antonio Gates and Roddy White.  The Falcons don’t have much to play for, and owning White or Julio Jones this year has been maddening.  One of them will have a decent game, but you never know who it will be, and when one of them produces, the other does little to nothing.  Gates has been a disappointment this entire year, and with Philip Rivers struggling so much, it’s hard to trust anyone on San Diego.

Chris and the Hoboken Dread Pirates on the other side, had a really successful regular season and were able to dispatch the higher seeded Lunaris Robunnys.  This is going to be a really tough matchup though.  The potential is there for the team, but there will have to be a lot of things that go right.  LeSean McCoy is coming back, but he’ll be in a time share with rookie Bryce Brown so that could drag down both of their values.  Shonn Greene may have a decent game with a rookie QB starting for the Jets, but it’s not a guarantee.  The positives though is that Mike Wallace and the Steelers need a win, and Wallace usually torches the Bengals.  Jason Witten has been tearing it up as of late, and the Cowboys are desperate for a victory to keep their playoff hopes alive.

I think this is a close game, but I feel more confident with Malfunct and the Hopped Up Titans.  I feel like the Titans have a more complete team, and even if a few players struggle, the other guys will be able to compensate.  For the Dread Pirates, I feel like a lot of things will have to go exactly according to plan.  It’s possible, but asking a lot.

Predicted Winner: Hopped Up Titans

Third Place Matchup Weeks 16-17

Lunaris Robunnys
Cydonia Chryssalids


Paul and the Cydonia Chryssalids chose the worst possible time to throw up two terrible weeks.  The Week 14, 57 point performance really sealed the Chryssalid’s fate and sent them into the third place game.  The talent for the team is definitely high, but we just don’t know if they will be able to show it off.  Doug Martin is supposed to be an up and coming RB superstar, yet he only scored 3 fantasy points against the Saints.  Trent Richardson has gotten touchdowns the last few weeks, but his rushing numbers are terrible.  Denver has a fantastic rush defense and this week may bee a disappointment.  Matthew Stafford is the king of throwing in garbage time, but that hasn’t translated to high fantasy outputs.  Throw in under performing by Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston and things have turned around quickly for the Chryssalids.

The Robunnys on the other hand have been consistent, but not spectacular the last few weeks.  If the Robunnys and the Chryssalids played during Weeks 14-15, the Chryssalids would have won, which is certainly not encouraging, but the Robunnys were consistent at the very least.  No one player killed them, with the possible exception of Ray Rice.  During the championship rounds, I generally would rather bet my money on players that are consistent, rather than players with upside.  I think Yogi and the Robunnys have a very solid overall team, and the combination of Peyton Manning, CJ Spiller, Ray Rice and Vincent Jackson should be enough to carry this matchup.

That, and this is pure superstition, I have found that whoever ends up #1 overall in the league, has a terrible playoff run.  Unfortunately for the Chryssalids, they were #1 this year and I just have a bad feeling about this week.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Consolation Matchups Weeks 16-17

NJ Fear Boners
Citadel Spectres


So much hope and promise from both the Fear Boners and the Spectres.  Injuries and under performing players ended up being their doom.  What would have happened if the Fear Boners didn’t have so many injuries?  What about if the Spectres didn’t have their first pick autodrafted and gotten stuck with Maurice Jones Drew?  So many what ifs.  No matter how each team got here, this matchup doesn’t seem all that close.  On paper the Fear Boners have way better players, and the team is coming off a huge 210 point two week period.  Spectres on the other hand continue to be sabotaged by the Philip Rivers / Joe Flacco combination.  Give me the Fear Boners.

Predicted Winner: NJ Fear boners

Mars Space Cowboys


Both of these teams have been bad.  No way around that.  Yet the Mars Space Cowboys have been historically bad this Fantasy season.  They were only able to eek out 100 points over the last two weeks, and the team’s players have all seemingly checked out.  There is potential in some of them, naming Eli Manning and Steve Smith, but we just haven’t seem them put it all together.  ARRGAN IISOU on the other hand, hasn’t been much better.  They managed 122 over two weeks, but the positive was that the team was consistent during that team.  You weren’t going to get many points out of them, but you knew you were going to get about 60-65.  It doesn’t count for much but it does count for something.  I’m going to go with a consistent scoring, rather than going for a team that is up and down.

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

Scottish Highlanders
Zombie Black Bears


This is going to be a really exciting matchup I think.  Historically, these two teams really play well against each other.  For the Highlanders, Cam Newton is really coming on towards the end of the season.  Which sucks that he didn’t do it earlier, but better late than never I suppose.  In addition to that, very good job by Sam on picking up Knowshon Moreno who has been really fantastic with the Broncos as of late.  That being said, Calvin Johnson isn’t returning his first round value, and the rest of the team is filled with either no-names, or people who are vastly under performing.  When looking at the Zombie Black Bears, it would seem a very easy pick for them, but I have concerns.  Arian Foster will definitely play this week, but will he play in Week 17?  Once the Texans lock up the #1 seed in the playoffs, I expect Foster to sit and that will hurt the Black Bears.  Hakeem Nicks hasn’t been himself all season, Jeremy Kerley is just flat out not good.  I think this matchup is a marathon and not a sprint, and that favors the Highlanders.

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s
Fighting Pacifists


I think that this matchup is an easy one to predict, so I’m sorry for my very short analysis.  This matchup will go to the Thresher Maw’s for two reasons.  Tom Brady is going against a terrible Jaguars team this week and that means a lot of points.  Do not be surprised to see the Patriots run up the score.  Second, and most importantly, the Thresher Maw’s have Adrian Peterson.  The Vikings will try everything to ensure that Peterson breaks the single season rushing record.  If that’s true, you can count on 200+ yards in the next two weeks, with a few touchdowns sprinkled throughout.  I think the Fighting Pacifists are a better team overall, but the Brady and Peterson factors really make it easy for me to pick the Thresher Maw’s.

Predicted Winner: Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s

Binary Rock-Jocks
The Besaid Aurochs


The Binary Rock-Jocks have already announced their retirement from Fantasy Football.  What does that mean?  That means that in true Sports movie fashion, the Rock-Jocks are going to go out with a win.  They are going to go out on “top”.  Top in this case, being ninth place overall.  But still!  Going out with two victories in a row, would mean that the Rock-Jocks Fantasy Football movie has a happy ending.  So therefore, since I love movies like Rudy, The Replacements, Any Given Sunday, etc I’m picking the Rock-Jocks.  If the Besaid Aurochs win, this sports film becomes a bad documentary and I just can’t have that happen.

Predicted Winner: Bonary Rock-Jocks

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  1. Great article as always, though I don’t think all of Charismatic Guy’s Charisma could stop this from ending as a bad documentary…

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