Fantasy Football Week 7 Recap – g33kBowl Week 8 Predictions

This week we have a very special Week 7 recap of what happened in the g33kBowl.  Due to day job projects and lack of sleep, this is the article you get for the week.  Sorry everyone, but alas!  In the meantime though, here are my picks for the week and my overall prediction record.  Leave lots of comments for Gunshow!

– Joey V

Week 8 Predictions
Zombie Black Bears vs NJ Fear Boners
Predicted Winner: NJ Fear Boners
The Besaid Aurochs vs Scottish Highlanders
Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

Hopped Up Titans vs Lunaris Robunnys
Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys
ARRGAN IISOU vs Binary Rock-Jocks
Predicted Winner: Binary Rock-Jocks

Cydonia Chryssalids vs Fighting Pacifists
Predicted Winner: Cydonia Chryssalids
Mars Space Cowboys vs Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s
Predicted Winner: Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s

Week 8 Spotlight Match
Hoboken Dread Pirates vs Citadel Spectres
Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Joey V Prediction Record: (37-11-1)

I'm Brett Favre, and I approve this messageGreetings Fantasy Footballers,

We at G33kwatch know how much those in our leagues, and our followers in general, like our football articles.  So in his infinite graciousness, Joey V. has given permission for me, The Gunshow, to write a weekly wrap-up to the Fantasy Football week.  We are going to analyze why certain teams won or lost, suggestions on what teams can do to improve in the coming weeks, and general rants on current player/team situations.  Also, We are going to highlight questions from the viewers on current matchups and weeks, so send in your questions and comments to the email address on the bottom of the screen and we’ll address those questions in future articles.

Week 7 was an interesting week in the NFL as we had powerhouse teams struggle to do much at all, and we had some weaker teams finally decide to wake up and remember that playing football is what they do for a living.

Each week we will analyze players and teams that had an excellent week and teams that struggled during the week’s performance.  We will be working off ESPN’s points system, so as I make reference to points please be aware that ESPN is my source.

All Stars

Chris Johnson finally decided to get off his ass.  Also playing the Bills helped a lotChris Johnson fans have been waiting a long time for him to rise from the dead and be the player that Tennessee always wanted him to be.  This week Johnson rushed for 195 yards and reached the endzone twice.  That’s one way to shut the critics up.  However, since Johnson has been not producing regularly, many fantasy owners have been benching him for other more enticing backs.  This week Johnson is running on a mediocre Colts defense and should put up adequate numbers, although I don’t believe he will relive the miracle he just experienced.  For week 8, I say start him, this boost in confidence may be what he needs to get back on track.

Drew Brees went all Drew Brees on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, revisiting the days of old where he imposes his will on opposing defenses.  Brees passed for 4 touchdowns, threw for 377 yards and threw one interception while targeting 7 different receivers.  Brees is always an obvious start for any fantasy team, and New Orleans would be in much better position if it wasn’t for their terrible Defense.  This week against the Broncos is going to be another tough test as Peyton Manning defends Denver against the onslaught of the Saints.

Rob Gronkowski is a beast, but only flourishes as New England’s offensive scheme highlights tight ends.  He and Hernandez basically dominate the middle of the field.  Gronkowski got six looks for 78 yards and two touchdowns, and ties Wes Welker for most receptions on the Patriot offense.  Basically, if the Patriots get into the Redzone, Gronkowski is the man to beat.  This week against the Rams, Gronkowski is going to put up ridiculous numbers himself or draw the attention of so many Defensive players that he allows his team to blow out the Rams.  My stance is…He wants the ball, and he’s going to get it.


"I wish I didn't suck so bad and bring down the fantasy value of Calvin" - Matthew StaffordThe Detroit Lions whole team basically embarrassed themselves on National T.V. as they continuously turned the ball over in the redzone (4 times) accumulating only 7 points against the Chicago Bears.  Pro Bowler Calvin Johnson, who should probably transform himself into something that can catch, caught 2 passes for 34 yards while running back Joique Bell fumbled the ball at the goal line that cost the Lions valuable points.  The Lions are devoid of a running game and until they import some all-star players and provide Calvin Johnson the opportunity to escape constant double coverage, the Lions are going to continue to be prey, especially against a tough Seahawks defense this week.

The Baltimore Ravens are in serious trouble.  With a laundry list of players being injured and unable to play, the Ravens have to do some serious praying if nothing else.  Houston ran up the score on a defense with obvious holes in it.  Keep the Baltimore defense off your starting rotation for the foreseeable future, especially because of the bye week they have this week.

Pay attention to the Teams on Byes for Week 8!

The Raven, Bills, Texans and Bengals are all on byes!  Plan Accordingly!

Week 7 Matchups

Zombie Black Bears
The Besaid Aurochs
91 pointsThe Zombie Black Bears advance to 5 – 2 77 pointsThe Besaid Aurouchs fall to 3 – 4


The Zombie Black Bears are a scary team in general.  Their Manager made some wise moves this week that ultimately led them to victory.  Benching Alex Smith and starting Tony Romo at the quarterback slot was a shot in the dark.  Romo is unreliable at best and Alex Smith heads up a San Francisco machine that seems to score at will.  The gamble paid off and Romo outscored Smith 14 – 8.  The Bears have a scary offensive core that seemed to pump out the points for the Bears this week.  The toughest part about next week for the Bears is going to be replacing Arian Foster with Reggie Bush, unless an unforeseen pickup or trade turns the tables.

The Besaid Aurochs got bit with the Bye-Bug this week and had to sacrifice serious points because of it.  Braylon Edwards is not even a distraction on the San Francisco offense.  Starting Matt Schaub is usually a good choice, except when he is throwing to Arian Foster who was on the other team.  All in all, The Manager of the Aurochs now avoids serious Bye issues in the future, even if these substitutions cost her a week.  However, Michael Vick in all his shakiness is a weak replacement at the QB spot.

Citadel Spectres
Fighting Pacifists
87 pointsThe Citadel Spectres rise to 4 – 3
58 pointsThe Fighting Pacifists fall to 4 – 3


The Spectres ride to Victory on the back on Chris Johnson, who should be well rested as he hasn’t done any real running since the beginning of the season.  His 31 point contribution is largely what gave the Spectres an edge.  The Spectres have a very demoralizing quarterback situation as their starter Philip Rivers is one of the most confusing and frustrating QB’s in the league.  His weeks go from blazing hot to icy cold in milliseconds leaving most fantasy owners pulling their hair out on a bi-weekly basis.  Phillips will have to prove himself next week as Flacco is sitting out.  Joe Flacco, usually a reliable backup, read head first into the Houston defensive machine and stalled.  The Spectres Jones-Drew is continuing to have foot problems, and may be out for the foreseeable future.  He is also suffering from head issues mostly because it seems as though he doesn’t not want to play anymore in general.  The Spectres have a pretty active bench and will need them as both Buffalo and Baltimore sit next week.

The Fighting Pacifists were affected by the loss of their major wide receivers Brian Hartline and Eric Decker.  The loss of these two stud receivers and the blatant ineffectiveness of Cincinnati’s passing game against Pittsburgh caused the Pacifists to fall short.  I am not usually a fan of the quarterback/receiver combo on the same team as it can become a double edged sword if the quarterback were to have a bad day it can cause a trickle down effect on the receiver.  The Pacifists have a tough challenge next week as Cincinnati has its Bye and the Pacifists deal with the loss of a top QB and receiver.

Hoboken Dread Pirates
Hopped Up Titans
63 pointsThe Hoboken Dread Pirates fall to 6 – 1 92 pointsThe Hopped Up Titans Ascend to 5 – 2


The Dread Pirates could do little but watch as their perfect season came to an end.  The 1972 Dolphins are probably cooped up in a room toasting to the occasion as we speak.  The loss of Matt Ryan and Lesean McCoy were paramount in the loss as the Pirates had to recruit Jay Cutler and Mikel Leshoure to compensate for the losses.  The Buccaneer Defense cost the Pirates dearly by putting up a -6 point result against the Saints.  Hakeem Nick’s return affected Hixon of the Giants and resulted in below average points.  The Pirates hope to bounce back next week as they return to full strength minus Mike Nugent, Cincinnati’s kicker, who will be on a Bye.

The Hopped Up Titans put up solid numbers all over their board this week, putting up an impressive 92 points even with three of their starters on the sidelines.  RGIII stepped up to the plate and put up an impressive 22 points in his loss to the Giants.  While Felix Jones, James Jones and Jermichael Finley all had mediocre weeks, the performances of the Lions Defense, Marshawn Lynch, and Brandon Marshall went a long way to seal the victory for the Titans.  The Titans do not suffer much in the way of Byes this coming week, and having defeated the Pirates, are a force to be reckoned with in the coming weeks.

Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s
Cydonia Chryssalids
71 pointsThe Tuchanka Thresher Maw’s fall to 2 – 5
76 pointsThe Cydonia Chryssalids rise to 4 -3


Definitely the matchup of the hardest names in the league to spell.  The Chryssalids squeaked by the Maw’s by a narrow margin of 5 points.  Cydonia had stellar performances by Marques Colston and Doug Martin, combing for a total of 30 points toward the victory.  Stephen Gostkowski is truly a formidable weapon in the Kicking slot as the New England is usually scoring touchdowns, and when they’re not doing that, they’re getting close enough for Goskowski to kick fairly easy field goals.  Trent Richardson had an off week rushing 8 times for 8 yards against Indianapolis but expect him to crank it up next week as he works to recover.

The Thresher Maw’s almost turned their Bye week of Hell into a victory.  Having Willis McGahee, Ronnie Brown, and Dwayne Bowe playing could have easily resulted in a victory, but alas, those players were not available this week.  The Maw’s did the best they could without sacrificing their bench, but 0’s put up by Vernon Davis and Isaac Redman didn’t help.  The Maw’s will reurn with a vengeance next week, while other teams are weaken, the Thresher Maw’s will be at full power.

NJ Fear Boners
Binary Rock-Jocks
63 pointsThe N.J. Fear Boners fall to 2 – 4 – 1 126 pointsThe Binary Rock-Jocks advance to 2 – 5


Talk about a blowout.  The Rock-Jocks were not taking any prisoners this week.  They had very little talent out on Byes, and the players that they played put up scary numbers.  The crown jewel of their victory was the high powered Texan Defense, putting up 22 huge points.  A defensive touchdown, 2 picks, a SAFETY, and less than fifteen points allowed is really all you can hope for in a defense.  Add to that meal a heaping helping of Aaron Rodgers with 25 points, and Fred Jackson with 17 points, you have yourself a Value Meal!  The Rock-Jocks took some risks this week and cashed in, starting the long hurt Dustin Keller and the previously invisible until 2 weeks ago Randall Cobb.  It’s risks like this that make fantasy football what it is, and if the Rock – Jocks keep this momentum going, they are going to be a scary contender.

The NJ Fear Boners got bit by the Bug as well, having to sit talented players on Byes.  Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones, and Jamaal Charles are all big name players who could have lit up the score board in the Fear Boner’s favor, but they will return next week all rested and raring to go!  Because of the week Brees had, the New Orleans run game never really got going, and Justin Blackmon has been one of the biggest rookie disappointments in the history of History.  The Fear Boners aren’t out of the wood yet…get it?  As they have a few replacements in next weeks lineup to consider.

Mars Space Cowboys

35 points

The Mars Space Cowboys fall to 0 – 7

61 pointsAARGAN IISOU rise to 2 – 5


Ummmm….This is a game that came down to who actually had players on their team.  The Mars Space Cowboys started a team of 4 players, against a full roster of ARRGAN IISOU.  This particular week has been excused as Pedro was on his honeymoon.  However, looking at his bench, there was no way that the Cowboys were going to prevail.  Andre Brown is a player to watch, although he serves on the Giants as a backup, his speed is quite a feat to behold.  Dez Bryant and Andre Johnson are disappointments but should always be started unless injured.  Nate Burleson, injured his leg in the Monday night matchup and should be replaced immediately.

Scottish Highlanders
Lunaris Robunnys
88 pointsScottish Highlanders fall to 4 – 2 – 1 106 pointsLunaris Robunnys advance to 5 -2


The Robunnys ultimately got the victory this week as Josh Freeman had a Freak of a Week, throwing for 420 yards and three touchdowns against a TERRIBLE New Orleans Defense.  The Robunnys had the Josh Freeman – Vincent Jackson connection that provided them with 55 out of their 106 points.  Bold move Cotton, let’s see if the Robunnys continue that strategy against a Minnesota Team whose defense has been pretty outstanding.  Ray Rice, Darren Mcfadden, and Denarius Moore all had miserable weeks, combining for a total of 131 yards and 1 touchdown.  Rice is sitting this week, so it will be interesting to see how the Bunnys fill the gap.

The Highlanders have a serious case of the dropsies.  Their receivers this week couldn’t really catch a cold, let alone the ball.  Torrey Smith and Calvin Johnson caused havoc in the Fantasy world, putting up very low numbers and causing losses where there should have been victories.  Flat out, if those two receivers catch the ball, the Highlanders win.  With Torrey Smith out next week, the Highlanders have a small gap to fill themselves, and may want to upgrade their defense as the Rams draw the Patriots next week.

The Wrap Up

So here’s how this week changes my attitude and planning for next week:

  • Cam Newton:  Questionable playmaking as of late, as well as fashion senseThe Buccaneers Defense had better step up their game and stop getting all walked over.
  • Playing any player on The Detroit Lions offense is a risk while their running game is non-existent.  Opposing Defenses will double cover receivers all day until a run game surfaces.
  • I don’t Trust Aaron Rodgers.  He throws the ball all over the place.  You can either have monster games from the Green Bay Team or Heart Breaking Disappointment.  My advice, unless its Jordy Nelson, pick someone else on another team until Greg Jennings is at Full Strength.
  • Ray Lewis is going to return even though he is not supposed to.  He will not stand by and watch his team fall in such a fashion.  Watch for his return to bring new life to the Ravens on both sides of the ball.
  • RGIII is going to continue to run all over the place, until someone really pops him in the mouth, causing more than just stitches.
  • Cam Newton better shut his mouth and work on completing passes, or running for his lfe, or whatever he does now that the Panthers are miserable.
  • Domenik Hixon, with the return of Nicks, should be a flex option at best.
  • Maurice Jones Drew is a crybaby, looking to get paid for sitting out which is what he wanted to do in the first place.
  • The 49ers and the Giants are going to have field days in their matchups next week!

That’s all for this week! Send questions or comments to:

– Gunshow

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