Fantasy Football Fire Sale – 2013 g33kBowl Week 3 Predictions

Let's make a deal!Week 3 is my favorite week of the Fantasy Football season.  No matter how I am doing in any of my leagues, this is the time when it actually begins to feel fun.  Don’t get me wrong, the draft is probably the single best part of any Fantasy Football league, but Week 3 is when things get interesting.

You begin to see teams that are 0-2 start trading for players that will hopefully save their season.  You see 1-1 teams trying to fleece the 0-2 teams into making really dumb trades.  You begin to see 2-0 teams think they are invincible and decline any and all trades as they don’t want to interrupt their team’s chemistry.  Man … it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Thankfully there was none of this so farFor our little g33kBowl league we have actually already had two trades go through this week, both of which were actually balanced!  I know, I was shocked too.

  • Hoboken Dread Pirates trades Dez Bryant to Lunaris Robunnys for CJ Spiller

This was a really great trade.  No one tried to steal from the other one, instead they helped each other out.  The Dread Pirates have needed some good running backs since the draft, and had an embarrassment of riches at WR.  So, rather than try and trade someone on their bench for a top running back, they instead gave up Bryant for Spiller.  In the long term, I think I like this better for the Dread Pirates but I’m not sure.  The Robunnys are now left with Lamar Miller and Knowshone Morenu at running back, which isn’t terrible, but it’s not great.  That is counter balanced though by the fact that the Robunnys have a wide receiver core of Brandon Marshall, Marques Colston and Dez Bryant.  That is stacked and should offset any struggles in the running game.

  • Citadel Spectres trade Michael Vick & Tavon Austin to Hopped Up Titans for Victor Cruz

Cruz has put up consistent numbers thus far. He should help the SpectresI was actually involved with this trade so here was my thought process.  I drafted Michael Vick hoping that he would be phenomenal and that I could trade him.  Well, turns out he’s really good this year in the new Eagles offense.  It was best to sell high and trade him.  The biggest thing that I had to try and do was focus in on a few factors.  Namely, who was having trouble at the QB position, who had players I wanted, and who wouldn’t be gutted if I took one of those players.  I initially looked at the Black Bears who are struggling with Tom Brady, the Wardens with Cam Newton, and the Hopped Up Titans with Russell Wilson.  The Black Bears my best player would have probably been Steve Smith and that didn’t excite me.  With the Wardens, perhaps I could have asked for Reggie Wayne but that wasn’t going to happen.  With the Titans though, since they already have AJ Green, Cruz seemed plausible.

Currently, my wide receivers are Wes Welker and Jordy Nelson.  Both of whom have had good enough weeks thus far, but I was not sure how long that would last.  Welker is especially troubling to me because g33kBowl is not point-per-reception format so his value is diminished somewhat.  Put Welker in at FLEX though, and all of a sudden that’s not so bad.  I went through with the request, and added Tavon Austin to soften the blow for the Titans.

From their perspective it’s not a bad trade.  They get Vick who right now is hot, and if he stays healthy is a better option than Russell Wilson.  Hell, when healthy, Vick is the best Fantasy QB in the league.  If Vick gets injured, they can just go back to Wilson who should get better than his recent performances.  They lose Cruz, but get to back him up with Austin who is a solid up and comer, and with Anquin Boldin who should look better when not playing Seattle’s defense.

Those are just the first two trades of our young season, and I’m sure after Week 3 we’re going to have some more.  Can’t wait to get more to breakdown.  =)

Joey V 2013 Prediction Record: (5-7)

Week 3 Matchups

Soldier’s Peak Wardens (1-1)
Hoboken Dread Pirates (1-1)


Mike and the Soldier’s Peak Wardens have found it hard to score points as of late.  The struggles of Cam Newton have really put the team at a disadvantage.  Without the huge amount of Newton related points, the entire team has a tremendous amount of pressure to score points.  Lucky for them, 74 points in Week 2 was enough to rush away with a win, but that’s not going to get it done in future games.  They need some more consistency from their other skill players, and they need Newton to get back on track.

On the other side, after two straight losses, Chris and the Hoboken Dread Pirates knew it was time to shake up the roster.  The experiment of having two top 5 wide receivers is officially over as they traded Dez Bryant for CJ Spiller.  This is ultimately going to make the team so much better as it’s more likely to get some average scoring out of the RB position now.  They still have Calvin Johnson as well so that bodes well.  Colin Kaepernick had a bad outing against the amazing Seattle defense, but should bounce back well against a pretty bad Colts defense this week.

Give me the Dread Pirates to win their first game of the season.

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Mars Space Cowboys (0-2)
Citadel Spectres (1-1)


I could sit here and talk to you at length about how rough it has gotten for the Mars Space Cowboys.  After all, Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, Shane Vereen, Malcolm Floyd and probably Eddie Lacy are all going to be out for a few games.  Yet I’m not going to do that.  I’m not doing that because it’s very possible that Pedro and the Space Cowboys are not setting their lineup, much like they did last year.

Since the draft, this team has not made any waiver wire pickups, nor has it moved a single player from the starting lineup to the bench or vice versa.  When you combine the fact that Pedro didn’t show up for the draft either and instead let his team be autopicked, seems like the Space Cowboys are hoping that Fate and Luck will completely determine this team’s outcome.

Well, regardless of all that, The Space Cowboys have two players (Jackson and Amendola) who will not play this week and a FLEX that probably won’t play (Lacy) in their lineup.  I’m giving this week to the Spectres

Predicted Winner: Citadel Spectres

Scottish Highlanders (2-0)
NJ Fear Boners (1-1)


This was actually the hardest game for me to pick.  Just getting that caveat out of the way first.

I have picked against our Season 1 champion Scottish Highlanders two weeks in a row now, and each time they have made me look like a chump.  Last week I argued that the team wasn’t that good because in Week 1, after a 46 point performance from Peyton Manning, the rest of the team could only muster 51 points for a total of 97.  That didn’t fill me with confidence, and I think that’s a justifiable point!  In Week 2 however, with only a 20 point game from Manning, the Highlanders were able to score 100 points overall.  I like the fact that the team is just finding ways to score, regardless of who has to step up.

The Fear Boners on the other hand had a very rough fall from grace in Week 2.  Week 1 they got a monster game from Demaryius Thomas and had a teamwide score of 105 points.  In week two, when Thomas could only muster 5 points, the Fear Boners dropped to 89 points.  I’m not saying as Thomas goes, so does the rest of the team, but that was the big thing that stuck out at me.  Everyone else on the Fear Boners pretty much put up similar points on a week to week basis, but Thomas dropped.  So what does that mean?  I’m not sure, but it gives me that feeling that perhaps the Fear Boners are just filled with too many average players.  They make it so that the team can be competitive every week, but I’m not sure it’s enough to win.

I’m going to go with the Highlanders this week, because I feel like Thomas has a quiet day against the Raiders.  I figure that Decker, Welker, and the Bronco running backs will score a ton of points early, and then there will be no reason to throw it to Thomas.  Total gut call but that’s my prediction.

Predicted Winner: Scottish Highlanders

Lunaris Robunnys (2-0)
The Besaid Aurochs (0-2)


Somehow, Yogi and the Lunaris Robunnys were able to snag Knowshone Moreno well before I came up with the idea to do so.  That move has been paying off dividends, as the Broncos continue to give the veteran running back tons of work as Montee Ball continues to learn and struggle.  I normally wouldn’t make such a big deal about someone like Moreno, but when he is the number one RB on an offense as potent as the Broncos, I need to take notice.  After all, with Peyton Manning as the QB in Denver, and with the high amount of hurry up offense and audibles he makes at the line, we can expect Moreno to continue to score a ton of Fantasy Points.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Robunny’s team is stacked with Matt Ryan, Brandon Marshall, and now Dez Bryant thanks to a trade with the Hoboken Dread Pirates.  In addition, the reemergence of Jermichael Finely as a viable tight end has given the Robunnys a stellar team that is poised to stomp into the playoffs.

For Katie and the Besaid Aurochs on the other hand, the season seemed so full of promise, but it’s been a struggle of trying to get the right players into the lineup.  Roddy White and Maurice Jones-Drew were being counted on to have big seasons, and thus far both of them have floundered.  Add in terrible performances by the Steelers defense and David Akers, it’s just been a really annoying first two weeks of the season.

I want to give the game to the Aurochs and bank on a bounce back performance, but there are just too many scary players firing on all cylinders over on the Robunnys side.

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Hopped Up Titans (1-1)
Cydonia Chryssalids (2-0)


Hopped Up Titans made a trade with the Citadel Spectres and were able to get Michael Vick & Tavon Austin for Victor Cruz.  While the loss of Cruz is sad, being able to get the massive upside of Vick and Austin are definitely positive.  It seems like the Hopped Up Titans are destined to be a feast or famine kind of team.  The one position that wasn’t helping the cause though was the QB position.  Russell Wilson has struggled Fantasy wise, only scoring 14 and 10 points in the first two weeks of the season.  Getting a huge playmaker like Vick, without having to give up the consistency of Wilson, should help in the short and long term.  Let Wilson get more comfortable this season, and if Vick gets injured, you can just go back to him.

Meanwhile, Paul and the Cydonia Chryssalids are just humming along, defeating everyone in their path with relative ease.  It’s not all sunshine and lolipops this weekend, as Andrew Luck has a really tough matchup against a pissed off 49ers team, Stevie Johnson is going to get some serious coverage on himself from the New York Jets, and Reggie Bush has some injury concerns as well.  I don’t think they are the biggest issues, but they can definitely lead to some lower point values.  The Chryssalids have to hope that Randall Cobb, Jimmy Graham and Martellus Bennett can pick up the slack.

I’m actually having a really difficult time picking a winner in this one.  This is a pure gut call, but I think that Vick and AJ Green are the keys to victory here for the Hopped Up Titans.  The Packers do not, and can not play good defense, and so AJ Green should go run wild.  Meanwhile, in what is sure to be an emotional game in Philadelphia, I expect Michael Vick to pull out all the stops not only to beat the Chiefs, but also to show to everyone that Andy Reid was right to give him a second chance after his legal issues.  I think big games out of those two players, along with LeSean McCoy being the beast that he always is, should lead to a Week 3 win for the Hopped Up Titans.

Predicted Winner: Hopped Up Titans

Week 3 Spotlight Match

Zombie Black Bears (0-2)


Jimmy got mad that I didn’t make him the Spotlight Match last week.  He also wants me to pick against him every chance I get.  It looks like he’ll be happy about my Week 3 write up.

I think that this is going to be a close game.  Often times in this early part of the year, games have been blow outs, or at least the winning team has a very comfortable margin of victory.  This time around, I fully expect this to come down to the wire.  Why?  Well, Kristen and the Zombie Black Bears are on a two game losing streak, and dipped from 108 points in Week 1 to 97 points in Week 2.  Solid numbers by any measure, but still a decline and still resulted in loses.  All that being said though, both of those scores would have been able to beat Jimmy and ARRGAN IISOU.  IISOU has only managed to get 84 and 96 points the first two weeks respectively.  The positive for Jimmy is that his team is on the upswing.

One team is 2-0 and the other is 0-2.  If there was ever a week for a Black Bears bounce back, it is Week 3.  Marshawn Lynch who torched the 49ers defense gets a cushy matchup against the terrible Jaguars.  Pierre Garcon goes against a bad Lions secondary, Steve Smith has had a good track record against the Giants, and Julius Thomas should be huge against the Raiders.  Meanwhile for Jimmy and IISOU, they have bad matchups with Darren McFadden against the Broncos, Aaron Rodgers against the Bengals, and and the Buccaneer’s defense against the Patriots.

I think it will be close, but give me the Zombie Black Bears.

Predicted Winner: Zombie Black Bears

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