Engage Autopilot – 2013 g33kBowl Week 6 Predictions

Autopilot; Engage!We have entered the part of the season where I begin to tune out of Fantasy Football for a bit.  I obviously pay attention to my teams and what not, but generally speaking, I just kind of set my lineup and wait to see the results.  For the most part, you know what kind of team you have.  You have a good idea on whether you can beat your opponent or if you are going to need a lot of very specific scenarios to go your way.  There will be people you need to get on the Waiver Wire, there will be trade that take place, but we’re at the middle point of the season.  You aren’t going to drastically change your entire squad.  At least not yet.  Once we get closer to the trade deadline, that’s when teams can make huge shifts.

I actually looked back into the archives and tried to look at what I had written about the last two years.  Two years ago, I was tired after an exhausting New York Comic Con, so I had no witty analysis.  Last year I talked about the concept of the Fantasy Football Cold War, where teams would start to bunker in and see what team flinches first.  This year?  All I can do is to tell you about the Autopilot.  You know your team way better than anyone else right now.  Don’t try and get too cute or over think it.  Just set your team, and enjoy the ride!

Joey V 2013 Prediction Record: (14-16)

Week 6 Matchups

Mars Space Cowboys (2-3)
Zombie Black Bears (1-4)


Tom Brady has sucked this year, and his shitty performance has been ruining Kristen and the Black Bears.  The good news is that Gronk should be back this week.  Him, along with Danny Amendola being back, should give Tom Brady enough weapons to fight back against the Saints this weekend.  Whether that makes the biggest difference with the Black Bears though, has yet to be determined.

The Space Cowboys have actually been on a nice little roll as of late.  Seems as if me calling out Pedro for not paying attention to his team made him pay attention to his team.  With Amendola, Cecil Shorts, Fred Jackson, Arian Foster, and the Chiefs defense going against Oakland this weekend, I expect a big week from Pedro and the Space Cowboys.

Despite the odds that Brady will be better, I don’t think that just propels the Black Bears back into contention.  Give me the Space Cowboys!

Predicted Winner: Mars Space Cowboys

Hoboken Dread Pirates (0-5)
Cydonia Chryssalids (3-2)


Chris and the Hoboken Dread Pirates just can’t catch a break.  CJ Spiller has underperformed this year, Calvin Johnson was out last week, and Colin Kaepernick has played so badly that the Dread Pirates have to start Jay Cutler this week.  Yup, that bad.  Despite how decent the team looks on paper, the Dread Pirates just always seem to find a way to lose.

Paul and the Cydonia Chryssalids had a lot of swagger going on after the first three weeks of the season but things have come back down to Earth just a little bit.  With two straight losses, the Chryssalids need to get their act together.  The pieces are obviously there.  Reggie Bush, Eric Decker, Randall Cobb, Andrew Luck and Jimmy Graham have been doing well.  The part that is a cause for concern is that the team’s point production has been on a steady decline ever since Week 1.  110, 109, 95, 96, 76.  If they get another 70ish performance this week and keep the trend up, they won’t be able to beat many teams, not even the Dread Pirates.

I believe in the talent of the Chryssalids but I’m going to predict the upset this week.  I think it’s a long shot, but sometimes it’s fun to root for the underdog!

Predicted Winner: Hoboken Dread Pirates

Hopped Up Titans (2-3)


Consistency, is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days.  Yet when it comes to Jimmy and the pirates of ARRGAN IISOU, man is that an apt description.  All this year I have picked against him because I just didn’t see it.  Every week it seemed like the other team had way better options.  With the exception of one week, I have been dead wrong in picking against Jimmy and man can I just not explain it.  Only thing I can say is, someone on his team find a way to step up in a big way.

Meanwhile I have constantly picked Malfunct and the Hopped Up Titans for most of this year, and my success in predicting their future has been spotty at best.  The team currently sits at 2-3 and they are still looking for answers at almost every position.  Can Russell Wilson be an above average QB?  Does Frank Gore still have something left in the tank?  Are AJ Green and Anquan Boldin going to produce like they should?  There’s a lot of question marks, and the more I think about this team, the more I think I’m in love with the names, and not necessarily what have they done for me lately.

So I am going to go against my instinct and bet on ARRGAN IISOU!

Predicted Winner: ARRGAN IISOU

NJ Fear Boners (2-3)
Soldier’s Peak Wardens (2-3)


Both the Fear Boners and the Wardens are at a crossroads.  This is one of the most important games of their entire season.  One of them will get back to .500 winning percentage, while the other will be floundering with less hope of making the playoffs.

Despite how important this game is, I see a clear winner, and that is the Wardens.  They are riding high on the success of Jamaal Charles who is able to make up for many of the lower performances that the team may be having.  Also, the Fear Boners have bad matchups, inconvenient injuries, and Bye Weeks to worry about.  Their tight end Owen Daniels is out for two months, Matthew Stafford has to go up against the really tough Browns defense, and Mike Wallace is on Bye.  That leaves the team thin and much weaker than usual.

I think those factors put the nail in the coffin, give me the Wardens

Predicted Winner: Soldier’s Peak Wardens

Scottish Highlanders (4-1)
Lunaris Robunnys (3-2)


Sam and the Scottish Highlanders have Peyton Manning, so they’ll just win this game.  It seems like that is the way of things this year, because man has Peyton carried this squad all year long.

So why am I going to pick against the Highlanders this week?  Julio Jones, the other superstar that was keeping the Highlander’s receiver corps together, is out for the season with a leg injury.  That is going to really hurt this team, because the other players on the squad just don’t scare you as much as you would think.  The team’s running back depth is non-existent, and the other wide receivers are ok but not very consistent for my taste.

Meanwhile on the Robunnys side, Dez Bryant should destroy Washington, Brandon Marshall is going to feast on the Giants secondary, and Knowshon Moreno is going to gouge the Jaguars.  Just too many good matchups so give me the Robunnys

Predicted Winner: Lunaris Robunnys

Week 6 Spotlight Match

Citadel Spectres (4-1)
The Besaid Aurochs (3-2)


The spotlight match this time around has to be an epic face off between husband and wife.  Not only am I playing against my wife in this league, but we are also playing each other in our local home league.  Man, what are the odds?

No one is more surprised by the success my Citadel Spectres have had.  With three wins in a row and now sitting in the number one position in the entire league, there’s a lot of pressure to keep winning.  The tools are definitely there.  Drew Brees has been fantastic, Ray Rice is starting to round back into form, and the wide receiving corps of Welker, Cruz and Nelson have been stellar.  Tight End was a weak spot for the team, but someone dropped Greg Olsen and the Spectres swooped in to get him!

It’s been a struggle for the Aurochs this year, but they have persevered.  RG3 was giving the team nothing, but an unexplainable drop of Tony Romo by the Mars Space Cowboys could be what gives the Aurochs new life.  Romo is giving us one of his best Fantasy seasons of all time, and now Katie and the Aurochs get to pair that with Adrian Peterson, DeSean Jackson, Jordan Cameron and a now healthy Rob Gronkowski.

The supposed return of Gronkowski gives me pause when predicting this matchup.  I have to assume that the Patriots were holding Gronk out to make sure he was fully healthy.  When Gronk is fully healthy, he’s one of the best playmakers in the entire league.  That kind of production is going to skyrocket this team.  When you add in some favorable matchups for Auroch players, Romo against Washington, Cameron against Detroit, Bowe against Oakland, and others, seems like Katie is poised for a win.

Call it a gut check, but I think Katie pulls off the upset and she beats my team this week.  Probably in both leagues, but we will just have to see.

Predicted Winner: The Besaid Aurochs

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  1. If nothing else I am enjoying all the times that Joey picks wrong in regards to my team 🙂

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