The Leftovers – Pilot Review

[easyreview title=”The Leftovers – Pilot” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”This series looks to be an intriguing character study but can’t be easily categorized.  I felt like it was a solid opening episode and I’m looking forward to episode 2.” cat1rating=”3.5″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] The Leftovers is HBO’s brand new drama series based on …

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Girl Meets World – Pilot Review

[easyreview title=”Girl Meets World – Pilot” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”As it comes to the pilot it was an enjoyable first episode. It didn’t feel like a money grab on the part of Disney.  They could have a crossover hit on their hands if they handle it correctly.” cat1rating=”3.5″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] On …

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The Purge Breakout Experience – Review

[easyreview title=”The Purge Breakout Experience” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Did we have fun? Absolutely. Is it something I’m glad I did? Absolutely. Do I wish I had a chance to play again with another group? Absolutely.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]     Hello Everyone, its been a while since we’ve posted on g33kwatch …

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Necessary Evil – World Premiere Review | NY Comic Con 2013

Necessary Evil

[easyreview title=”Necessary Evil” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Overall this is an engaging film that was made with a lot of love.  While it can discuss some points a little too long it’s a well made documentary showcasing some informed and interesting points of view about a subject that is near to the …

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You’re Next – Review

You're Next

[easyreview title=”You’re Next” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”Full of quality scares, genuinely funny moments and an intriguing plot, You’re Next manages to do what a film like The Purge could not earlier this year.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   You’re Next is a film I have been eagerly anticipating since it’s premiere at …

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Kick Ass 2 – Review

Kick Ass 2

[easyreview title=”Kick Ass 2″ cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”These films are meant to showcase a subversive take on the super hero genre, and Kick-Ass 2 does not disappoint. Its got a ton of blood, some really gross sequences and a lot of winks to the audience.” cat1rating=”3.5″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″]   Starring: Aaron …

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