Zenkaikon Interview – Uncle Yo

Described as a geek-specific Otaku Renaissance man comedian, Uncle Yo has taken the convention circuit by storm over the last three years.  Whether he is hosting a panel on how to survive attack by Mechas, or being the MC of a Cosplay Masquerade, Uncle Yo has managed to keep us …

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Zenkaikon Interview – Gamer Girl X Cosplay

When going to a convention, one of the main attractions that most con goers will notice is the level of Cosplay that is present.  All conventions like to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable dressing up like their very favorite characters.  Zenkaikon was no different, and thankfully for this …

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CosWatch Podcast – M. Knight Shamalama-ding-dong

Before I continue with my fairly humorous opening, let me just assure you that the title of this podcast will make sense once you listen to the whole file.  With that out of the way, this is the first in what is to be a long line of podcasts that …

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Anime Boston – Epic Masquerade Line

Go to any Anime Convention in the world and ask someone what the highlight of the con is, and many people will give you the same answer; Cosplay Masquerade.  It is a staple of so many Main Event rooms across the country, that it has become synonymous with hilarious skits, …

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Interview Anime Boston – Devil’s Panties

We were lucky enough to pry Jennie who writes the Devil’s Panties from her artist alley table for a few minutes for an interview.  Listen in as she talks about how she came up with the name for the comic, and why she thinks Anime Conventions are the best place …

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Katsucon 2009 Review Podcast

Katsucon in Arlington, VA has come and gone, and while the CosWatch crew could not be there, we were able to interview a friend who did make it out to the con. Listen to the harrowing tale of long registration lines, overcrowded panels, impossible elevator wait times, and cosplay drama!