Xbox Miscommunication, Pacific Rim, and the Issues With Hollywood – g33kWatch Podcast

Over the last few months, our Podcasts have featured a lot of talk about the upcoming release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  We haven’t had a new generation of consoles for a great many years, and while the WiiU kicked it off, it’s going to be the XBONE …

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Games for Change Festival 2013: 10th Anniversary Edition | Part 2

The Historia game was proudly on display

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.  Fun, friends, and America isn’t too bad a way to spend some time.  Maybe you even got some good old gaming on.  Speaking of games, let’s get back to GFC13. Day One Continued … Scaling Up “Classroom-Grown Games” Michael Angst (E-Line Media) and …

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Games for Change Festival 2013: 10th Anniversary Edition | Part 1

Eugene get his Press credentials!

Last week I began my run as an intrepid reporter for g33kWatch, and my first assignment was the Games for Change Festival.  What is Games for Change and what do they do?  I don’t want to bog you down but their mission is to “Catalyze Social Impact through Digital Games” …

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The Best & Worst of E3 2013 – g33kWatch Podcast

This next console generation is going to be closer than we think

E3 is a pretty big time of year for gamers and geeks all over the world.  This is the point where we get some veiled information about what we will be potentially be buying and playing in the future.  Some of this information is helpful and can really inspire excitement.  …

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Reactions to the Xbox One, E3 Musings, and Summer Movies – g33kWatch Podcast

The Xbox One was revealed and the Internet lost their shit in every way possible

2013 has been a very busy year, for the media industries as well as our little website.  Maybe not the website, but at least the people associated with the website.  We’re working on a lot of cool stuff, with more information coming soon. When last we spoke, we talked greatly …

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