Darryl Miller

Former PAX East Omeganaut and New York native living in Los Angeles. When he isn't reviewing a game for the site you can find him playing way too much Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection – Review

[easyreview title=”Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=” If you already played these games on the Wii you will not find much new here but, Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection is a great retelling of one of gaming’s greatest franchises and possibly the best on-rails shooter available..” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] Reviewed on …

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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 – Review

[easyreview title=”Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013″ cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=”It may be missing a major aspect of its tabletop counterpart but Duels of the Planeswalkers offers the most accessible way to enjoy MTG for players of any experience level.” cat1rating=”4″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] Reviewed on Playstation 3 Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has been the …

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Treasures of Montezuma BLITZ – Review

[easyreview title=”Treasures of Montezuma BLITZ” cat1title=”Final Score” cat1detail=” A decent match-3 game that has a fun aesthetic and makes great use of the Vita’s touchscreen but is ultimately held back by intrusive micro-transactions and some technical issues.” cat1rating=”2″ overall=”false” icon=”star2″] Reviewed on Playstation Vita PlayStation Vita’s first foray into the free-to-play business model has …

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