Pink Hair Girl

After her DNA was spliced with that of a jelly fish, Olivia became known to all as Pink Hair Girl. She also gives advice to geeks all around the world.

How to Get a Girl to Play a Tabletop Game – Geek Advice

Dear Pink Hair Girl, I’ve got a game of Pathfinder going with some of my friends, and a few times I’ve asked my girlfriend to join us. She’s never played before and tells me she’d feel kind of stupid trying to ‘play pretend’ with us. At the same time though …

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Katsucon 2009 Review Podcast

Katsucon in Arlington, VA has come and gone, and while the CosWatch crew could not be there, we were able to interview a friend who did make it out to the con. Listen to the harrowing tale of long registration lines, overcrowded panels, impossible elevator wait times, and cosplay drama!