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The Final Battle Approaches – Myth: The Fallen Lords | Gaming Mornings

After weeks of fun but difficult single player levels, and a grueling amount of technical issues, we have arrived at the ruined Trow capital city of Rhi-anon.  Comes complete with an entire river of blood running through it! With the game starting to wrap up it’s narrative, I am reminded …

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Talking To Myself is the Best – Myth: The Fallen Lords | Gaming Mornings

What a fantastic 24 hours of Myth I just had!  Let me paint a picture for you on just how much of the game I played, offer some fascinating insight I have gained after a month of streaming, and ask a few questions.  You ready for this?  OK 3, 2, …

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Dwarves Are Most Dangerous to Themselves – Myth: The Fallen Lords | Gaming Mornings

The good news is, I was able to finish up the Homecoming mission and pick up the Total Codex.  Going through the latter portion of the mission in a slower and methodical fashion made all the difference.  Who would have guessed that rushing into battle with no plan would be …

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The Cycle Begins Anew – Myth: The Fallen Lords | Gaming Mornings

The time has finally come for me to show off something near and dear to my heart.  When I would think about restarting the website and getting into streaming, Myth is what I really wanted to showcase.  This was pretty much the game series I obsessed over and played for …

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Death Prophet Should Destroy Me, But Oh Well – DOTA 2 | Gaming Mornings

After beating Rogue Legacy, I didn’t have much else to do.  Katie was off trying to beat my old record in Poker Smash for XBOX Live Arcade, and I was sitting at 9 overall viewers.  9 has been my highest viewer count yet, and I wanted to try and get that number …

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