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Stay Tuned For Breaking News – DmC: Devil May Cry | Gaming Mornings

  The amount that I love the new Devil May Cry game really knows no bounds.  During this portion of gameplay, we hit what is quite possibly the best level design and best boss encounter in the entire game.  Working our way towards the Raptor News Network and Bob Barbas …

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So Stylish – DmC: Devil May Cry | Gaming Mornings

About a year ago I bought DmC: Devil May Cry for what I felt was a ludicrously low price for $15 or $20.  I then started playing it and fell in love with the game immediately.  The visuals, combat, and even the story, were really well done.  With a controller …

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Philosophy, Clones, and Outer Space … Oh My! – The Swapper | Gaming Mornings

Hyperbole is something that tends to happen often with people.  We forget about what happened in the past and can only focus in on what just took place.  This can lead to such statements as, “This is one of the best games I have ever played.”  Hey, we’ve all done …

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Thankless Job of Border Patrol – Papers, Please | Gaming Mornings

To complete the game Papers, Please doesn’t take a very long time.  While there are many different endings available to you (20 to be exact), to get to the end of your one month of in-game time, it would only take a few hours.  The gameplay hooks build as you …

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Glory to Arstotzka – Papers, Please | Gaming Mornings

What started out as just a little something to pass the time after I finished up Myth: The Fallen Lords has quickly turned into a stressful full play for the ages.  Let me tell you a little bit about Papers, Please. This game is magnificent, daring, and more than a …

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The Cycle Concludes – Myth: The Fallen Lords | Gaming Mornings

I am very happy to report that over the weekend I was able to finish up Myth: The Fallen Lords.  This probably isn’t the most impressive feat, since I’ve done this before, but it was just a fantastic experience to go through one of my favorite games of all time …

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