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Classic Halloween Specials

October 30, 2013 – 2:09 PM | 829 views

I’ve been tempted to write an article about my favorite Halloween movies but I know that everyone and their mother is doing that. So while dealing with a bought of insomnia I had a great …

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Article Archive for October 2012

Fantasy Football Week 7 Recap – g33kBowl Week 8 Predictions

October 25, 2012 – 10:44 AM | 1 Comment | 108 views
I'm Brett Favre, and I approve this message

This week we have a very special Week 7 recap of what happened in the g33kBowl.  Due to day job projects and lack of sleep, this is the article you get for the week.  Sorry …

New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 3 Recap

October 24, 2012 – 4:45 PM | 1 Comment | 118 views
Day 3 of New York Comic Con

Hello g33ks, m33ks, and anyone else who stayed up until dawn last night. On Day 3 of NYCC it was all about me camping out in the IGN theatre to get the best/latest/first information on …

Never Enough Time for Fantasy Football – g33kBowl Week 7 Predictions

October 18, 2012 – 2:49 PM | 65 views
We can't time travel, nor do we have a mind reading device that can tell us the future.

Sometimes you just don’t have time to update every little thing.  This is one of those times.  While this is a problem that will affect the length of this article, it is also a good …

New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 2 Recap

October 16, 2012 – 12:29 PM | 2 Comments | 596 views
NYCC Day 2 had a ton of interesting things to see and do

Hello g33ks, m33ks, and anyone who has the energy to continue to attend events the scope of NYCC four full days in a row. I spent Friday at NYCC attending several panels and I’ll share …

New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 1 Recap

October 15, 2012 – 12:07 PM | 82 views

Hello g33ks, m33ks and anyone else not within driving distance of the city that never sleeps. I just spent preview night at NY Comic Con taking in all the sights, sounds and yes, smells of …

Fantasy Football Cold War – g33kBowl Week 6 Predictions

October 11, 2012 – 2:06 PM | 2 Comments | 142 views
Fantasy Football is a rough pastime

Trying to come up with a new Fantasy Football themed article every week is not easy.  Trying to tie that article into a movie, can be even more difficult.  When you are first starting a …